Live Ledge #356: 1968

50 years ago The Beatles were still together. Brian Jones was still a member of the Rolling Stones. The Kinks were banned from touring the U.S. The Monkees were making psychedelic films.

Yes, a lot has changed since 1968, and I'm not even going to mention the political upheaval of the time. (Sadly, our current climate somewhat mirrors what went down back then.) Garage rock was still being created in every town in America, and the British Invasion was in full force.

But rock and roll was changing, One could make the case that 1968 was the year it evolved into "rock", as psychedelia faded away into a more aggressive style. Yet at the same time there was a "get back to the country movement" started by The Byrds and The Band but picked up by musicians and fans all over the world.

Tonight's show ignores most of the obvious tracks of that time, although the recent box sets of The Kinks, Small Faces, and The Beatles were impossible to ignore. In fact, it's the giant "White Album" box set that truly inspired this show.

Special thanks goes to my Facebook friends, who suggested a few of tonight's songs, including the great singles by Jay-Bees and Golden Cups. As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. The Monkees, Porpoise Song (Theme From HEAD)
2. The Byrds, Wasn't Born To Follow
3. The Byrds, One Hundred Years from Now (Gram Parsons Vocal)
4. The International Submarine Band, Luxury Liner
5. The Beau Brummels, Deep Water
6. The Band, This Wheel's On Fire
7. The Nashville Teens, All Along The Watchtower
8. Bob Dylan, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 
9. Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues
10. The Kinks, The Village Green Preservation Society [Alternate Mix With Session Chat]
11. The Kinks, Big Sky [Alternate Mix With Session Chat]
12. Chocolate Watch Band, I'm Not Like Everybody Else
13. Flamin' Groovies, Golden Clouds
14. The Misunderstood, Children Of The Sun
15. The Master's Apprentices, Elevator Driver
16. The Seeds, Satisfy You 
17. Status Quo, Pictures Of Matchstick Men 
18. The Beatles, Revolution (Esher Demo)
19. The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Third Version/Take 27)
20. The Beatles, Helter Skelter (Second Version/Take 17)
21. The Unrelated Segments, Cry Cry Cry
22. The Expressions, Return to Innocence
23. The Pedestrians, It's Too Late
24. Casy Jones And The Governors, All I Wanna Do 
25. The Rolling Stones, Stray Cat Blues
26. The Rolling Stones, Jigsaw Puzzle
27. Jeff Beck, Rock My Plimsoul
28. The Pretty Things, She Says Good Morning
29. The Zombies, This Will Be Our Year (Mono Mix)
30. Small Faces, Afterglow (Alternate USA Mix)
31. Small Faces, Long Agos And Worlds Apart
32. Jay-Bees, Good Times 
33. Golden Cups, This Bad Girl 
34. MC5, Looking At You
35. Fingers Lee And The Upper Hand, Midnight Race
36. The Velvet Underground, White Light/White Heat 
37. The Velvet Underground, Here She Comes Now
38. The Movers, Leave Me Loose 
39. Van Morrison, Sweet Thing


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