Live Ledge #357: Europe 1978

Tonight marks the final show devoted to the year that influenced me more than any other. Yes, it's all about 1978, but tonight features music I have to admit I never heard until I obtained some great punk compilations earlier this year.

England and the U.S. may get all the publicity, but punk rock was a worldwide phenomenon. Tonight's show heads into the mainland of Europe and samples tracks from countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, and all of Scandinavia. I may not understand the lyrics on the majority of these tracks, but most of these are every bit as good as the commonly heard tracks from this era.

Special thanks goes to my Facebook friends, who suggested a few of tonight's songs, including the great singles by Jay-Bees and Golden Cups. As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. Zeppo & The Zepp-Zepps, Ode To Johnny Rotten
2. Aouuh, Centre Of Lies
3. Göteborg Sound, Jag Har Fatt Nog
4. N-Liners, Hotell Bristol
5. TBC, Lil Babs 
6. Tits, Daddy Is My Pusher
7. Softies, Suicide Pilot
8. God's Heart Attack, Treat Me Like A Doll
9. Ivy Green, I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It 
10. Captain Coke, Don't Tell Me What I've Got To Do
11. Blitzz, So Free
12. Suzannes, Teenage Abortion 
13. Dieter Meier, Cry For Fame
14. Kleenex, Heidi's Head
15. Bastards, Impossibilties
16. Dream Police, Johnny, Come With Me
17. Sods, Aaf
18. Cadillac, Heute Abend
19. 84 Flesh, D-Section
20. Guilty Razors, Provocate
21. Dogs, Teenage Fever
22. Shakin' Street, Living With the Dealer
23. Cambouis, J'attends qu'elle ait ses 15 ans
24. Asphalt Jungle, Poly Magoo
25. Extraballe, Haute tension
26. Electrc Callas, Kill Me Two Times
27. Nina Hagen Band, Pank
28. Pack, Nobody Can Tell Us
29. Fred Banana Combo, No Destination Blues
30. Maniacs, Gonna Get Out Tonight
31. Big Balls & the Great White Idiot, Gonna Be a Rat
32. Rancid X, Get Someone to Love Me
33. Gli Incesti, Punk Rock
34. Judas, Flashdown 
35. Elton Motello, Jet Boy Jet Girl 
36. Cell 609, Re-pulsion 
37. Johnny Palermo, Saturday Night


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