Live Ledge #358: 1983 (Part 2)

A few months ago, I put together a show celebating the year 1983, knowing I would have to do a second show at some point during the year to get through all of the grat music from that year. I have to admit that I sort of blew it off until I was cleaning up folders on my laptop and found the folder that contained the songs I didn't play back in July.

Tonight's show may be a sequel but it's every big as entertaining as the first one. There's some college rock from the likes of New Order, Lord of the New Church and The Three O'Clock. There's great Minneapolis rock from Curtiss A and other Twin/Tone releases. And there's a ton of great punk rock - Minor Threat, Bad Brains, D.I. Circle Jerks, and so many others.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. To listen to part one, search those services for Live Ledge #342 or click this link. For a direct download of tonight's show...


1. INXS, Don't Change
2. The Lords of the New Church, Live for Today
3. New Order, Age of Consent
4. Pete Shelley, Telephone Operator
5. The Birthday Party, Mutiny In Heaven
6. Billy Bragg, A New England
7. The Long Ryders, And She Rides
8. Green On Red, Gravity Talks
9. The Fleshtones, Right Side Of A Good Thing
10. The Lyres, Help You Ann
11. The Three O'Clock, Jetfighter
12. The Neats, Sometimes
13. X, The New World
14. X, Devil Doll
15. Curtiss A, The Damage Is Done
16. The Slickee Boys, Escalator 66
17. Safety Last, Let's Talk About It
18. The Fall, The Man Whose Head Expanded
19. Sonic Youth, Kill Yr. Idols
20. Urban Dogs, New Barbarians 
21. Peter & the Test Tube Babies, The Jinx 
22. Circle Jerks, Coup d'Etat
23. Dickies, She's A Hunchback
24. Minor Threat, Look Back & Laugh 
25. Bad Brains, Rock for Light
26. Youth Brigade, Men In Blue (Part 1)
27. Edge, Death To AOR
28. Subhumans, Mickey Mouse Is Dead 
29. D.I., Richard Hung Himself
30. Last Rites, We Don't Care
31. Defects, Defective Breakdown
32. Fixed Up, I'm So Sad To See You Go!
33. ABH, Country Boy Rocker


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