2018 Most Played Artists And Records

The geek in me loves to look at this every year, especially as there are times it causes me to remember a record or two from the beginning of the year that I may have ignored as the year went on.

First off, here's the list of the artists I played the most over the year. No real shockers here. Most of the artists that released my favorite new records (Ty Segall, Superchunk, etc.)  mixed with the best reissues of the year (White Album, Village Green, etc.), topped off with the perennial obsession with all things Replacements (including Bash & Pop and solo Paul Westerberg).

The most played albums of the year also contains few surprises, although tagging differences between my digital files, Discogs, and Spotify has caused a few records to have more than one entry. Rich Show, Ty Segall, and Wreckless Eric suffer from these sorts of discrepancies, and for some reason the vinyl version of the White Album that includes the Esher Demos is listed as a separate release.

Combing the multiple entries creates a somewhat different Top 4, and Wreckless Eric's wonderful album jumps up into the sixth place. Here's the updated Top 6 most played albums of the year:

1. Rich Show, That Was The Future This Is The Past (181 plays)
2. Ty Segall, Freedom's Goblin (163)
3. Beatles, White Album (157)
4. Superchunk, What a Time To Be Alive (135)
5. Bob Dylan, More Blood More Tracks (103)
6. Wreckless Eric, Construction Time & Demolition (98)


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