Live Ledge #363:New Releases

Well, here we are with the first Live Ledge of 2019, which also means it's the first show of the month. Thus it is another new release episode!

One would think that a January show of new music would be tough to create. Not really. December saw a few new records sneak out, such as the two EP's from Guided By Voices. January and February promos are starting to sneak out already, which is how we have tracks from the upcoming records by Juliana Hatfield, Swervedriver, and others.

It's also a time to play catchup. The last few weeks have seen so many best records list that a luantic like me can't help but find a few gems. That's the case with the likes of Wyatt Blair, Teardrop City, Ken Sharp, and many, many more. If you love power pop and/or garage rock, this will be a great show for you! (BTW, I'm still hoping to get a few more of YOUR lists for best 2018 music. Send them to me!)

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher.


1. Porcupine, Standing by the Sea
2. Palmyra Delran and The Doppel Gang, Tape a Nickel to the Tonearm 
3. Palmyra Delran and The Doppel Gang, Walk Away 
4. Juliana Hatfield, It's So Weird
5. Juliana Hatfield, Do It To Music
6. Guided By Voices, Cohesive Scoops
7. Guided by Voices, My Angel
8. Tomorrows Tulips, Turn It Down
9. Swervedriver, Mary Winter
10. Dirty Sidewalks, Never Wanted to Be Loved
11. The Hold Steady, Ask Her For Adderall (Demo)
12. Teardrop City, I'm Leaving Town
13. Wyatt Blair, Gotta Get Away
14. the astounds, hip to brave
15. Starcrawler, Pussy Tower
16. Ken Sharp, I Wanna Be David Cassidy
17. Wes Hollywood, Dirty Manhattan
18. PABST, Shake the Disease
19. The Jack Cades, Head in Sand
20. Brad Marino, C'Mon C'Mon C'Mon
21. Nat Freedberg, Devil Rockin' Man
22. The Wylde Tryfles, Heartbreaker
23. The Revox, Gloria Stompers
24. Glenn Robinson, She's The One
25. The Robinsons, Judy Is a Punk
26. Jagger Holly, I Wanna Be Well
27. The Starlight Run, Freak Scene
28. Dog Party, Bad Dream
29. Gleeson, Through the Motions
30. Muncie Girls, In Between Bands
31. The Glycereens , Hot Generation
32. The Detroit Cobras, What More
33. Crabber, Sunglasses
34. Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, Shitty Margarita
35. The Smarthearts, Let Us In
36. The Cowboys, Open Sores
37. Cheap Tissue, Feed the Children
38. Radar State, What's a Rebel
39. Tropical Trash, Your Place In The Chain
40. The Primitive Finks, Mash Potato Party


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