Live Ledge #364: 1st Annual Ledge Awards

It's a very momentous show this week. After years of counting down my favorite records of the year on Live Ledge, and decades of compiling these sorts of articles, tonight marks the debut of the Ledge Awards.

"Ledgers" were given out to not only the best album of the year, but all the other pertinent categories (reissue, EP, new band, etc.) But not only are there my picks for these categories, Live Ledge listeners have contributed their picks for album of the year. Here's a big thank you to everybody who helped out.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


Here are the 2018 Ledge Awards, in order of how they were awarded on tonight’s show:

Best Local Record: Rich Show - That Was the Future, This Is Now
Best Box Set: The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
Best Reissue: Liz Phair - Girly-Sound to Guyville
Best Compilation: Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81
Best Blog-Created Compilation Series: Once Upon a Time’s ongoing series collecting punk rock from around the world
Best Olden Timey Compilation: She’s Selling What She Used To Give Away
Listener’s Choice Award: Bob Dylan - More Blood, More Tracks (picked by Jim Portesan)
Listener’s Choice Award: Kurt Vile - Bottle it In (picked by Jeff Thomson)
Listener’s Choice Award: Lucero - Among The Ghosts (picked by Patrick Chadwick)
Listener’s Choice Award: The Breeders - All Nerve (picked by Eric Schoenhard)
Best Americana Album: Sarah Shook - Years
Best Garage Rock Album: Bad Sports - Constant Stimulation
Best Punk Album: The Losin’ Streaks - This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus
Best Power Pop Record: The Connection - Wish You Success
Best Covers Record: Ty Segall - Fudge Sandwich
Listener’s Choice Award: Motorcade, self-titled (picked by Jason Putnam)
Listener’s Choice Award: Swearin’ - Fall Into the Sun (picked by Gorman Bechard)
Listener’s Choice Award: Guided By Voices - Space Gun (picked by Tom Harju)
Best New Artist: The Shadracks - self-titled
Best EP: Tommy and the Commies - Here Come
Best 10” Record: Muck and the Mires - Muckus Maximus
Best Singles Series: Geoff Palmer’s monthly free bandcamp track, later collected on All the Hits and Some Other Shit
Best 7” Single: The Cheap Cassettes - Kiss the Ass Of My Heart
Listener’s Choice Award: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens (picked by Kurt Squire)
Listener’s Choice Award: The Aints - The Church of Simultaneous Existence (picked by Will Neville)
Listener’s Choice Award: Ty Segall - Freedom’s Goblin (picked by Deirdre DiMemmo)
Listener’s Choice Award: Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers (picked by Brian Smith)
Special Friend of The Show Awards:Dave Sheinin - First Thing Tomorrow/The Walk Offs - Ready To Roll
Album of the Year: Superchunk - What a Time To Be Alive


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