Live Ledge #369: New Releases

For the longest time, my Friday night broadcast of Live Ledge was preceded by Swamp Jacuzzi, an hour long celebration of the swampy sounds of Biggie Boutte. Work schedules caused him to abandon Friday broadcasts a few months ago, but tonight Biggie makes a big mark in this month's new release show.

It was actually exciting to get a promotional email from Rum Bar Records a few weeks ago, accompanied by Biggie's five-track EP, Lucy Anna, under the name The Yeah You Rights. The record was recorded in one frantic week last September, and it's all live. There's no overdubs, and the tracks were put down on five channels mixed down to glorious mono. Congrats, Biggie. It's a great little record.

Otherwise, this is a pretty typical new release episode. A few new singer/songwriters (Rich Ragany, Mark Crovzer, Terry Ohms), some psych-garage (Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Ravi Shavi, Yak), and all kinds of new artists. Or at least new to me.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Dead Pollys, Strummerland
2. The Long Ryders, Greenville
3. Rich Ragany, Like We'll Never Make It
4. Mark Crozer, Where I Come From
5. Terry Ohms, Doubtin It
6. Martin Frawley, What's on Your Mind
7. Royal Trux, Year Of The Dog
8. Half Japanese, Or Ever Will
9. The Differentials, Sleepy Vampire
10. Bloodshot Bill, Take Me for a Ride
11. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Work
12. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Realization
13. Ravi Shavi, Permanent Damage
14. Yak, Fried
15. The Yeah You Rights, How 'Bout Now
16. The Yeah You Rights, Lucy Anna
17. The Yeah You Rights, What I Say
18. Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks, Remake / Remodel
19. Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks, Every Little Thing Goes Wrong
20. Natalie Sweet, Lip Service
21. Natalie Sweet, Another Bottle of Wine
22. the tenth, I Will Not Make Any Boring Art
23. the tenth, Stop Pretending the Song's Not About Me
24. Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors, In The Summer
25. Holiday Ghosts, Thinking of You
26. Sundae, Mint Chocolate Chip
27. Abjects, The Storm
28. Slag Queens, Lynx Candle
29. L.A. WITCH, Haunting
30. Psychotic Youth, Transition Love
31. The Kryng, You Were On My Mind
32. Faux Ferocious, Drop Kick Heartache
33. The Beasts, Pearls Before Swine


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