Live Ledge #373: First Quarter Report

With March almost over, it's time to take a look back at the last three months of new music. Was the first quarter of 2019 a strong period for new tunes?

I'm sure you know my answer to that question. Of course it was! The early part of the year has seen a plethora of new tunes that transcend all genres (or at least those this mind is open to enjoying). Old bands have reunited with great releases, and there have been quite a few brand new bands with amazing debut records.

This super-sized episode looks at close to three dozen records released in January, February, or March of this year. As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. The Beat, Who's Dat Looking
2. The Long Ryders, Greenville
3. Jason Ringenberg, God Bless the Ramones
4. Son Volt, The 99
5. White Fence, Neighborhood Light
6. Durand Jones & The Indications, Morning in America
7. Nick Waterhouse, Song for Winners
8. Telekinesis, A Place in the Sun
9. Deerhunter, No One's Sleeping
10. Martin Frawley, Chain Reaction
11. Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock
12. Bob Mould, Sunny Love Song
13. Guided by Voices, My Future in Barcelona
14. The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tombes OubliƩes
15. Stephen Malkmus, Rushing The Acid Frat
16. The Dates, star
17. The Dates, nervous
18. The Tough Shits, Action Breeze
19. The Cowboys, Open Sores
20. Mike Krol, An Ambulance
21. Pale Lips, Some Sort Of Rock n' Roll
22. Pale Lips, I'm A Witch
23. The Exbats, Everybody Loves My Mom
24. Juliana Hatfield, Do It To Music
25. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Work
26. Faux Ferocious, Stress Kills
27. Ravi Shavi, Riding High
28. Yak, Fried
29. The Coathangers, Hey Buddy
30. The Coathangers, F the NRA
31. Ex Hex, Tough Enough
32. La Fille, I'm Movin' On
33. Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Sex Robot
34. Criminal Hygiene, Breaking Out the Stained Glass
35. Psychotic Youth, Transition Love
36. Bazooka, Ela
37. The Suck, #youredead
38. The Bad Beats, What You Tryin' To Say
39. The Pacers, Mirror Man
40. Crocodiles, Wait Until Tomorrow


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