Live Ledge #370: Boxes and Compilations

It wasn't too long ago that the monthly new release broadcast included the latest reissues, box sets and other repackaged types of records. Over the last couple of years, though, there's been so much great stuff available each and every month that there hasn't been room to include tracks off these records.

Tonight's show takes care of some of these releases. There's live material by Sonic Youth, The HOld Steady, and The Long Ryders. There's new compilations of old tracks by Alex Chilton, The Real Kids, and The Rezillos. And there's a ton of tracks from Cherry Red Records box sets of British glam, power pop and garage rock.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Sonic Youth, Teen Age Riot (Live)
2. The Hold Steady, Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Live)
3. The Hold Steady, Sequestered in Memphis (Live)
4. The Long Ryders, Capturing The Flag (Live)
5. The Long Ryders, Looking For Lewis & Clark (Live)
6. Alex Chilton, No Sex
7. Alex Chilton, Make a Little Love
8. Van Duren, Make A Scene
9. The Real Kids, Let Me Convince You
10. Baby Grande, Gettin' Away With Murder
11. Baby Grande, Pure, White & Deadly
12. Mott The Hoople, Whizz Kid
13. Frenzy, Poser
14. Brats, Fuel
15. Supernaut, I Like It Both Ways
16. Stud Leather, Cut Loose
17. Brain Wells, Paper Party
18. Hustler, Get Outa My 'Ouse
19. Eddie & The Hot Rods, Do Anything You Wanna Do
20. Ruts, West One [Shine On Me]
21. Wreckless Eric, Broken Doll
22. The Monochrome Set, He's Frank [Slight Return]
23. The Carpettes, How About Me And You
24. The Nips, Happy Song
25. The Delmonas, He Tells Me He Loves Me
26. Thee Milkshakes, Brand New Cadillac
27. The Barracudas, Next Time Around
28. The Sid Presley Experience, Hup Two Three Four
29. The Dentists, Writhing on the Shagpile
30. The Meteors, Swamp Thing
31. The Gruff, Farmer John
32. The Rezillos, Glad All Over
33. The Rezillos, I Wanna Be Your Man


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