Live Ledge #372: Midwest 1979

March 30, 1979 is an important date in indie rock history, as it was on that evening that Bob Mould, Grant Hart, and Greg Norton shared the stage for the first time. They were not yet known as Husker Du when Cheapo Records manager Charlie Pine, who also played keyboards with the fledgling band, got them the gig at a St. Paul bar named Ron's. The rest, of course, is Minneapolis rock and roll history.

Husker Du was the newest band to hit the growing Twin Cities rock and roll scene. The Hysptrz, The Suicide Commandos, The Suburbs, and Curtiss A had already released records, mainly on Twin/Tone Records. That fledgling label's 1979 compilation album, Big Hits From Mid-America Vol. 3, is the perfect showcase of what was happening in what many like to claim is an unlikely city.

Other Midwest cities obviously had their own little scenes, and tonight's show dedicated to the Midwest in 1979 travels to Nebraska, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit, and Louisville. As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Cheap Trick, Dream Police
2. Husker Du, Do You Remember?
3. Husker Du, Truth Hurts
4. Husker Du, All I've Got To Lose Is You
5. The Hypstrz, Action Woman
6. The Hypstrz, 6654321
7. The Hypstrz, All Or Nothing
8. The Suicide Commandos, Weekend Warrior
9. The Suicide Commandos, Complicated Fun
10. The Suicide Commandos, Attacking the Beat
11. The Suicide Commandos, Wild In the Streets
12. The Suburbs, World War III
13. The Suburbs, Change Agent
14. The Suburbs, Urban Guerilla
15. The Suburbs, Ailerons O.K.
16. Curtiss A, I Don't Wanna Be President
17. Curtiss A, Land Of The Free
18. Curtiss A, Bad News from Phoenix
19. NNB, Listen
20. The Pistons, She Got Sex
21. Fingerprints, Where the Beat Goes On
22. Swingers, Losin' My Grip
23. Crap Detectors, Police State
24. Skuddur, Strike Force
25. Turnbuckles, Super Destroyer Mark II
26. Swan Lake Six, Swan Lake MN
27. Cheetah Chrome, Still Wanna Die
28. Stiv Bator, The Last Year
29. Pagans, Dead End America
30. Devo, Mongoloid
31. Meaty Buys, New Freedumb
32. Special Affects, I Know Uh Girl
33. Tutu & the Pirates, I Wanna Be a Janitor
34. Exit, Out in the Street
35. Epicycle, Underground
36. Max Load, Magazine Sex
37. Beluga & the Human Ashtrays, Mars Needs Women
38. Latex Novelties, Just Meat
39. Brain Police, I Let Jenny Ride
40. Coldcock, I Wanna Be Rich
41. Matt Gimmick, Rag
42. Blinders, This Isn't My Mother's Car
43. Shoes, Tomorrow Night


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