Live Ledge #36: More New Shit

I really do have a problem. I put on two straight themed shows, and the pile of untapped new tunes continues to grow. This week's episode cleans out the pile a back. There's lots of brand new releases, including tunes by HeadCat (featuring Lemmy), The Misfits, and Frank Black's new project, Paley and Francis. There's also a ton of great garage rock blog finds from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. A few old faves are also included, such as a mini-set of Roky Erickson tracks.
Find that mother right now in the iTunes store, stream it on Stitcher, or directly download it HERE!

1. Smith Westerns, Weekend
2. Yuck, Get Away
3. Male Bonding, Tame the Sun
4. Deerhoof & The Raccoonists, Own It
5. Let's Wrestle, In The Suburbs
6. Spazzys, My Boyfriend's Back
7. Spazzys, I Want A Divorce
8. DTK\MC5, Teenage Lust
9. Iggy And The Stooges, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
10. Paley and Francis, Curse
11. Paley and Francis, Magic Cup
12. Bare Wires, Television Girls
13. Deer Tick, Something To Brag About
14. 13th Floor Elevators, She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
15. Roky Erickson, Don't Slander Me
16. Roky Erickson & The Aliens, If You Have Ghosts
17. The Meteors, Surf City
18. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Kill Surf City
19. Anti-Flag, Guns of Brixton/I Fought the Law
20. The Hard-Ons, One Chord Wonders
21. The Traditionals, Borstal Breakout
22. Mr. Irish Bastard, Pretty Vacant
23. The Misfits, Land Of The Dead
24. The Misfits, Curse Of The Mummy's Hand
25. HeadCat, Let It Rock
26. HeadCat, You Can't Do That
27. Vietnam Veterans, The Girl with the Hairy Legs
28. Sic KidZ, Rhythm Gurl
29. The Shindiggers, A Certain Girl
30. The Star Spangles, Tear It To Pieces
31. The Adicts, Chinese Takeaway
32. Perfectors, Journey To Mars
33. The Vulcaneers, Vulcan Whore
34. Stiff Little Fingers, Suspect Device
35. Tall Boys, Action Woman (Live)
36. The Sons Of Hercules, Numb
37. Teenage Cool Kids, Volvo to a Kiss
38. Wild Flag, Romance
39. Static Taxi, Cocaine Couples
40. Long Tall Texans, Ballroom Blitz


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