Rural Ledge-ucation #28: Tom Waits

This Tuesday, Tom Waits is releasing his latest album, Bad As Me, so I figured it was time to devote a show to him. Besides previewing a number of tracks from the upcoming release, today's show also includes some interesting collaborations with other artists and Waits' songs covered by other artists. Please buy this album when it hits the shelves (or your favorite online source), but until then you can enjoy the tracks I selected by downloading it HERE!

1. Tom Waits, Chicago
2. The Rolling Stones, Sleep Tonight
3. The Replacements, Date To Church
4. Thelonious Monster, Adios Lounge (Duet With Tom Waits)
5. John Lurie, River of Men
6. Los Lobos, Kitate (w/Tom Waits & Martha Gonzales)
7. The Ramones, I Don't Wanna Grow Up
8. Tom Waits, Return of Jackie & Judy
9. Tom Waits, Get Lost
10. Tom Waits, Kiss Me
11. Johnny Cash, Down There By The Train
12. Dave Alvin, Ol' 55
13. The Wedding Present, Red Shoes by the Drugstore
14. Tindersticks, Mockin' Bird
15. Firewater, Diamonds And Gold
16. Alex Chilton, Downtown
17. Paul Westerberg, We Know the Night (w/Tom Waits and Tommy Stinson)
18. Elvis Costello, Innocent When You Dream
19. Tom Waits, Satisfied
20. Tom Waits, Pay Me
21. Jonathan Rimchman, The Heart of Saturday Night
22. Andre Williams & The Sadies, Pasties And A G-String
23. The Beat Farmers, Rosie
24. Pete Shelley, Better Off Without a Wife
25. Neko Case, Christmas Card from A Hooker In Minneapolis
26. Cat Power, Yesterday Is Here
27. Scarlett Johansson, Falling Down
28. Tom Waits, Raised Right Men


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