Rural Ledge-ucation #29: Halloween (Pt. 3)

After four hours of noisy, garage-influenced Halloween tunes, it's time to turn down the volume (a bit) for the final collection of holiday tracks. Instead of tremolo-heavy guitars, there's a few acoustics to be heard throughout the show. Download this via iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or directly download it HERE! 
Have a great holiday!

1. David Bowie, Please Mr. Gravedigger
2. Paul Westerberg, Ghost On The Canvas
3. Grandpaboy, Vampires & Failures
4. The Replacements, Rock 'N' Roll Ghost
5. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, The Church Of The Holy Spook
6. The Pogues, Haunted
7. World Party, Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb
8. matt pond PA, Halloween
9. Pernice Brothers, One Foot In The Grave
10. Neutral Milk Hotel, Ghost
11. R.E.M., I Walked with a Zombie
12. John Wesley Harding and the Good Liars, If You Have Ghosts
13. Graham Parker, There's A Ghost In My House
14. Elvis Costello, Spooky Girlfriend
15. Jonathan Richman, Vampire Girl
16. Neil Young, Vampire Blues
17. John Doe, Hotel Ghost
18. Frank Black, All My Ghosts
19. White Wives, Hungry Ghosts
20. Title Tracks, Forget The Ghost
21. The White Stripes, Little Ghost
22. Mark Sultan, Graveyard Eyes
23. Sparklehorse, Ghost In The Sky
24. Eels, My Beloved Monster
25. Oxford Comma, Vampire
26. The Smiths, Pretty Girls Make Graves
27. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Ghosts
28. Rudi Protrudi, Stalking After Midnight
29. Bill Buchanan, The Night Before Halloween
30. Chuck Berry, Trick Or Treat


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