Live Ledge #38: Halloween (Pt. 2)

I had way too much music for one show, so tonight carries on last week's Halloween theme. There's lots of punk, indie, garage, and 60's-ish tunes from a wide variety of sources. Subscribe via iTunes, stream it via Stitcher, or directly download it HERE!

1. Larrys Rebels, Halloween (Here It Comes)
2. Siouxsie & The Banshees, Halloween
3. Fuzztones, Happy Halloween
4. The Vendettas, Halloween
5. Harlem, Friendly Ghost
6. Daniel Johnston, Casper The Friendly Ghost
7. Pavement, Space Ghost Theme I
8. The Black Lips, I Saw A Ghost (Lean)
9. Me First & The Gimme Gimmies, (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
10. The Fleshtones, Dance With the Ghoulman
11. The Fleshtones, Return to the haunted house
12. Agent Orange, This House Is Haunted
13. Coffinberry, Monster
14. Lords Of Altamont, Gods And Monsters
15. The Fall, There's A Ghost In My House
16. Forgetters, Vampire Lessons
17. Screaming Tribesmen, Date With A Vampire
18. The Cramps, Zombie Dance
19. The Cynics, Zombie Walk
20. The King Khan & Bbq Show, Zombies
21. The Surf Rats, Zombie Hunt
22. The Misfits, Spook City USA (Spookier version)
23. The Meteors, Graveyard Stomp
24. Shadow, Reichenstein Cemetery
25. Captain Beefheart, The Host The Ghost The Most Holy-O
26. 3-D Invisibles, Go-Go Ghost
27. The Gun Club, Ghost On the Highway
28. Social Distortion, Ghost Town Blues
29. The Mahones, Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil
30. Neanderthals, Lurch
31. Graveyard Farmers, Formaldehyde
32. 9th Wave, Big Black Cadillac Hearse
33. The Revillos, She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man
34. Guided By Voices, Cut-Out Witch
35. Slaughter and the Dogs, Victims of the Vampire
36. The Montesas, Igor's Party


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