Live Ledge #57: Paddy O'Ledge

Yes, I realize that St. Patrick's Day is actually tomorrow...but why not start tonight? Tonight's show is divided into two categories - Irish rock and Irish music. The first category consists of rock and punk band's that just happen to come from Ireland (Undertones, Them, etc.), while the rest of the show features Celtic flavors from all over the world...including Japan, Germany, and Belgium!
This is the perfect soundtrack to your drinking festivities tomorrow, and you can nab this mother from iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. The Commitments, Take Me To The River
2. Them, Mystic Eyes
3. Belfast Gypsys, Gloria's Dream
4. Thin Lizzy, Romeo And The Lonely Girl
5. Boomtown Rats, Looking After Number One
6. Undertones, Family Entertainment
7. Stiff Little Fingers, Alternative Ulster
8. The Waterboys, The Return of Pan
9. Dropkick Murphys, Going Out In Style
10. Flogging Molly, Revolution
11. The Mahones, Drunken Lazy Bastard
12. Smoking Popes, You'll Never Walk Alone
13. Bap Kennedy, Dirty Old Town
14. Damien Dempsey, The Rocky Road To Dublin
15. Greenland Whalefishers, Ramones
16. Blaggards, Big Strong Man
17. The Nips, Nervous Wreck
18. The Pogues, Streams Of Whiskey
19. The Pogues, London Calling
20. Shane MacGowan & The Popes, Paddy Rolling Stone
21. The Cherry Coke$, Rude Boy
22. Modern B Beard, The Leaving Of Liverpool
23. Mr. Irish Bastard, Holidays In The Sun
24. Craic, For The Man
25. The Tossers, Buckets of Beer
26. The Fisticuffs, In Heaven There Is No Beer
27. The Bloody Irish Boys, Pass Out On the Floor
28. Bastards On Parade, Pipes And Drunx
29. The Black Tartan Clan, White Crosses
30. The Blue Casket, The Irish Witchsbroom
31. The Skels, Song From Debtors' Prison
32. The Dreadnoughts, Katie Bar The Door
33. The Pogues, Danny Boy


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