Rural Ledge-ucation #47: Daylight Savings Time

I woke up this morning angry at the time change. Within five minutes into this show, I was angry at much, much more. Not only did I lose an hour of sleep last night, but the program that I use to broadcast these dumb little shows decided to not properly work. Immediately, the tunes were full of stutters and skips. I restarted the program, and there was no change. I restarted the entire laptop, and while a bit better it was still not up to snuff. So this is a hugely flawed show, with the songs quite often sounding like garbage. I uploaded it anyway, mainly so my friends can point and laugh at my idiocy.
The theme was supposed to be a simple one - songs about time. There's a few songs about Sundays, another group are about mornings. I should have made it an anti-technology show!
If you feel like enduring my pain, grab this at the usual spots, or directly download it HERE!

1. Rank Strangers, Daylight Savings
2. Cheap Trick, Good Morning Good Morning
3. The Velvet Underground, Sunday Morning
4. The Feelies, Morning Comes Here
5. Bob Dylan, New Morning
6. Johnny Cash, One Too Many Mornings
7. Flag With Hank, Running Out Of Time
8. Graham Parker, Back In Time
9. The Go-Betweens, The Clock
10. The Stereotypes, Our Time
11. Neutral Milk Hotel, I Will Bury You In Time
12. Madness, Saturday Night Sunday Morning
13. 13th Floor Elevators, She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
14. The Jesus & Mary Chain, I Can't Find The Time For Times
15. Uncle Tupelo, Wipe the Clock
16. Son Volt, Dust of Daylight
17. The Bottle Rockets, Kit Kat Clock
18. The Rolling Stones, Time Is on My Side
19. Pretenders, Time The Avenger


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