Rural Ledge-ucation #48: Alex Chilton

It was two years ago yesterday that we lost Alex Chilton, and The Ledge will continue to commemorate his career as long as the show exists. Today's show features primarily the quieter side of his career, with lots of covers by Americana artists, including Kelly Willis, Wilco, and John Doe. There's also some power pop, and lots of Chilton-related rarities, including a trio of tracks recorded at a 1987 Philadelphia concert.
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1. Alex Chilton, Come On Honey
2. The Box Tops, Soul Deep
3. Paul Collins, The Letter
4. The Posies, What's Goin Ahn
5. Teenage Fanclub, Free Again
6. The Loud Family, Back Of A Car
7. Young Fresh Fellows, She Might Look My Way
8. The Walkabouts, Big Black Car
9. Wilco, Thirteen
10. Evan Dando, The Ballad of El Goodo
11. Alex Chilton, B-A-B-Y
12. Alex Chilton, September Gurls
13. Alex Chilton, Take It Off
14. Head Candy, Thank You Friends
15. Jill Sobule & John Doe, I'm In Love With A Girl
16. Juliana Hatfield, Don't Lie To Me
17. Kelly Willis, When My Baby's Beside Me
18. Big Star, Femme Fatale
19. Big Star, Kanga Roo
20. Alex Chilton, Sugar, Sugar/I Got The Feelin'
21. The Replacements, Alex Chilton


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