Live Ledge #58: Kickstarter

First off, my apologies for the lateness in posting this episode. Due to some last minute cancellations, Mojo Workout was short a few people, so I sat in with them once again after my show ended. Once that was over, it was bedtime for me.
But here it is...finally. Most of the audio issues of the last couple of shows are gone...or at least diminished. That doesn't mean all is perfect, though, as the broadcasting program attempted to make it's own playlist multiple times throughout the show. It even shut down at one point as I was wiring my soundboard for Skype. So please enjoy my confusion.
Most of this show consists of new releases and new finds, along with the announcement that I'm once again involved in a rock 'n' roll documentary. Former Ledge guest Gorman Bechard, the director of last year's Color Me Obsessed film about the Replacements, is now going to work his movie-making magic on Husker Du's legendary songwriter/vocalist/drummer Grant Hart. If the Kickstarter goal is met, filming will commence this summer. For more information, please check out the Kickstarter site.
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1. Rockpile, Here Comes The Weekend/So Fine
2. Titus Andronicus, Treatment Bound
3. The Diamond Dogs, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
4. The Vibrators, Keys To Your Heart
5. Black Tambourine, I Remember You
6. Full Fathom Five, Paingiver
7. The Replacements, I Hate Music
8. The Hillbilly Hellcats, I Hate Music
9. Jacuzzi Boys, Do The Coma
10. Reverend Horton Heat, Wiggle Stick
11. Pete Donnelly, When You Come Home
12. The Connection, Baby Doll
13. The Nivens, Shake Some Action
14. Gentleman Jesse, Eat Me Alive
15. Robert Pollard, Bats Flew Up
16. Guided By Voices, The Unsinkable Fats Domino
17. The Bloody Hollies, I Dream Of Bees
18. Mind Spiders, Beat
19. The Men, Please Don't Go Away
20. Husker Du, Sorry Somehow Candy
21. Nova Mob, Shoot Your Way To Freedom
22. Grant Hart, Think It Over Now
23. Lee Ranaldo, Off The Wall
24. The Stranglers, Giants
25. The Fall, Taking Off Ersatz
26. Centro-matic, D. Boon-Free (A Ninth Grade Crime)
27. Uncle Tupelo, D. Boon
28. Minutemen, Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
29. fIREHOSE, Slack Motherfucker
30. The Cynics, Rock Club
31. The Forty Fives, More Than Eve
32. The Unknowns, White Trash Girl
33. The Vibes, Miniskirt Blues
34. The Riviera Playboys, I'm the Pusherman
35. Muck and the Mires, All I Really Wanna Do Is Cry
36. DM Bob & The Deficits, Bad With Wimen


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