I Hate Daylight Savings Time!!!

Sure, back in the days when I was a fun guy I loved having that extra hour of drinking in October. But this whole add an extra hour thing is the worst...especially when I stayed up until 4 (or was it 5) watching the People Vs. Larry Flynt on Showtime.
So it's 11:30 when I stumble out of bed and I still didn't get anything near 8 hours of sleep...which isn't unusual. Now the whole freaking day has taken forever to go by and I know that even the best over-the-counter pharmaceuticals isn't going to get me to sleep at a decent hour tonight.
What a strange weekend. Not exciting strange, just strange. Hoping to cure myself of the typical weekend blahs, I set my Ipod to just randomly play Replacements tunes all weekend. Friday night I was so restless that I actually hauled that toy to Barnes and Noble, grabbed a book and read almost half of it with nobody to bother me except for "Unsatisfied", "Color Me Impressed", and the occassional mini-skirt that wandered by.
Out of the blue the next day, a good friend that I rarely see these days called me to go out to lunch. Then while moping at the coffee shop, I managed to lock my keys in the car. Ultra-loser, that's my name.
Fuck it, I can't go on with detailing my non-eventful life. I'm just going to turn up the surround sound version of the new Beck album and wait for Arrested Development.


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