The Ledge: Episode 37: Second Acts

A band breaking up or taking a hiatus doesn't necessarily mean the creative juices have dried up. Episode 37 of The Ledge compiles some highlights of solo albums and side projects. Sometimes, the results outshine the original band. In other cases, previously ignored band members emerge as million-selling artists. Episode 37 of The Ledge compiles some of these treasures. Download it from iTunes, or directly here. will also stream it this Friday night at 8 pm CST.

1. The Breeders, Doe from 1992's Pod

2. The Martinis, You Are the One from 2004's Smitten

3. Frank Black, Seven Fingers

4. Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon, Love Me, I'm Liberal from 1994's Prairie Home Invasion

5. P.I.L., Public Image from 1978's First Issue

6. Joey Ramone, Don't Worry About Me from 2002's Don't Worry About Me

7. Shane MacGowan, That Woman's Got Me Drinking from 1995's Snake

8. John Doe, Hotel Ghost from 2007's A Year In the Wilderness

9. Cracker, Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace and Understanding) from 1992's S/T debut

10. Chris Mars, Popular Creeps from 1992's Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

11. Slim Dunlap, Radio Hook Word Hit from 1996's Times Like This

12. Perfect, Alternative Monkey from 1996's When Squirrels Play Chicken

13. Paul Westerberg, World Class Fad from 1993's 14 Songs

14. Sugar, Helpless from 1992's Copper Blue

15. Grant Hart, 2541 from 1990's Intolerance

16. Sebadoh, Magnet's Coil from 1994's Bakesale

17. Robert Pollard, Motion Sickness Ghosts from 2007's Standard Gargoyle Decisions

18. Joe Strummer, Coma Girl from 2003's Streetcore

19. Big Audio Dynamite, The Bottom Line from 1985's This Is Big Audio Dynamite

20. Chuck Prophet, Freckle Song from 2007's Soap and Water

21. Steve Wynn, Amphetamine from 2004's Static Transmission

22. Hot Snakes, Audit in Progress from 2004's Audit in Progress

23. The Night Marchers, Jump In the Fire from 2008's See You In Magic

24. Kevin Seconds, Slights and Snickers from 2010's Good Luck Buttons

25. Mike Ness, Misery Loves Company from 1999's Cheating at Solitaire

26. Wilco, Outtasite (Outta Mind) from 1996's Being There

27. Son Volt, Route from 1995's Trace

28. Tim Armstrong, Hold On from 2007's Poets Life


ThomG said…
Lots of great stuff here, Scott. I thought I was the only one who liked "Popular Creeps."
Rachel said…
I can't wait to listen to this!
Anonymous said…
You were the only one...and Scott was their second fan.

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