The Ledge, Episode 40: Expletives W/The Goddess (Part 2)

The two hours of tunes with dirty words in episode 38 was just not enough to squelch the fury of The Goddess. Thanks to new technology, she somehow returns in episode 40 with over two dozen more songs you're guaranteed to not hear on regular radio. A special thanks much go to our friends on twitter and Facebook for many of the noisier tunes you hear on this extra special show. As always, you can subscribe via iTunes, tune in to this Friday at 5 pm central time, or download it here.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Eric Idle, Fuck the FCC

2. The Buzzcocks, Oh Shit from 1977's Another Music In a Different Kitchen

3. Human Sexual Response, Butt Fuck from 1980's Fig. 15

4. The Cramps, Elvis Fucking Christ from 2003's Fiends of Dope Island

5. Boss Hog, What the Fuck from 1995's S/T

6. The Lemonheads, Fucked Up from 1987's Hate Your Friends

7. Showcase Showdown, Fuck You Norway from 2000's Permanent Stains

8. The Dwarves, Fuck 'em All from 1992's Revolution Come And Gone Sub Pop compilation

9. Nashville Pussy, All Fucked Up from 1998's Let Them Eat Pussy

10. GG Allin, I Wanna Fuck Myself from 2003's Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist

11. Wesley Willis, Fuck You from 1999's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

12. Subhumans, Fuck You from 2008's Death Was Too Kind

13. Smut Peddlers, Fuck You from 2006's The Two Old Ones

14. The Vandals, Fucked Up Girl from 1998's Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

15. Josh Freese, It's Fucked Up from 2009's Since 1972

16. Mclusky, Fuck This Band from 2002's Mclusky Do Dallas

17. Turbonegro, Fuck The World from 2003's Scandinavian Leather

18. PJ Harvey, Who the Fuck from 2004's Uh Huh Her

19. Betty Blowtorch, Shut up and Fuck from 2008's Last Call

20. Rocket City Riot, I Just Wanna Fuck from 2007's We Name the Guilty Men

21. Angy Samoans, You Stupid Asshole from 1980's Inside My Brain EP

22. Anti-Nowhere League, So What from B-side of Streets of London debut single

23. DOA, Fuck You from 1983 Bloodied But Unbowed compilation

24. Dead Milkmen, Life Is Shit from 1993's Beelezebubba

25. Jason Loewensteim, I'm a Shit from 2006's At Sixes and Sevens

26. Frank Turner, Heartless Bastard Motherfucker from 2007's The Real Damage

27. Brian Jonestown Massacre, Fucker from 1996's Take It From the Man

28. Steve Earle, F the CC from 2004's The Revolution Starts Now


Tommy said…
Who the fuck suggested some of this goddamn shit?
Scott said…
Hmmm, I wonder?

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