The Ledge, Episode 38: Expletives w/The Goddess (Part 1)

The Goddess was in a surly mood when she arrived at the Paulisded Studio this past weekend. Initially wary of being within six inches of the fuming beauty, I calmed down after she smiled and instructed me to load the playlist with nothing but expletive-heavy tunes. Besides the tunes we selected, our friends on facebook and twitter suggested so many additional tracks that in two weeks there will be a second episode of tunes that will never meet FCC guidelines. As always, this episode can be downloaded through itunes, or here.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Harry Nilsson, You're Breaking My Heart from 1972's Son of Schmilsson

2. Rolling Stones, Star Star from 1973's Goats Head Soup

3. Sex Pistols, Bodies from 1978's Never Mind the Bollocks

4. Pavement, Range Life from 1994's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

5. The Eels, Old Shit/New Shit from 2005's Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

6. Pernice Brothers, Grudge Fuck from 2006's Live a Little

7. Martha Wainwright, Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole from 2005 EP

8. Supersuckers, Pretty Fucked Up from 2007's Live in Orange County live album

9. Ween, You Fucked Up from 1992's At The Cat's Cradle live album

10. The Kills, Fuck the People from 2003's S/T debut

11. Bikini Kill, I Like Fucking from 1995 Singles compilation

12. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, This Love Is Fucking Right from 2009's S/T debut

13. Liz Phair, Fuck and Run from 1993's Exile in Guyville

14. The Posies, Everybody is a Fucking Liar from 1998's Amazing Disgrace

15. Ben Folds, ROckin' the Suburbs from 2001 Rockin' the Suburbs

16. Babyshambles, Fuck Forever from 2006's Down From Albion

17. Spiderbait, Fucking Awesome from 2004's Tonight Alright

18. Dirty Pretty Things, You Fucking Love It from 2006's Waterloo to Anywhere

19. Lambchop, Your Fucking Sunny Day from 1997's Thriller

20. Big Black, The Model from 1992's Songs About Fucking

21. Girls, Big Bad Mean Motherfucker from 2009's Album

22. Replacements, Fuck School from 1982's Stink EP

23. Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk to Fuck from 1981 single

24. Camper Van Beethoven, No More Bullshit from 1987 ii & iii

25. Elf Power/Vic Chesnutt, Little Fucker from 2008's Dark Developments

26. Superchunk, Slack Motherfucker from 1990's S/T debut


Grant Wentzel said…
Hey there! I figure you already know that your Big Black song was a Kraftwerk cover, but I was surprised you didn't mention it with the usual fun facts 'n trivia. This version was new to me. Thanks for another great show!

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