The Ledge, Episode 41: More Random Crap

For the first time in a month, I'm without a co-host...or a real theme for that matter. Instead, I'm just a lonely man sitting in his bedroom surrounded by a computer, CD's, and a microphone. The results are a mishmash of brand new and old tunes that are united only by the fact that they've recently been in my playlist.

I'm sure you all know the drill by now. Subscribe from iTunes, listen via realpunkradio this Friday at 5 pm central, or directly download it here

Here's the playlist:

1. The Baseball Project w/Craig Finn, Don't Call Them Twinkies

2. Bloody Hollies, Tired of Shit from 2006's Fire at Will

3. Tim Armstrong, Into Action from 2007's Poets Life

4. The Jim Jones Revue, High Horse from Burning Your House Down

5. Grinderman, Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man from Grinderman 2

6. Wayne Kramer, Bad Seed from Daytrotter Session

7. Jon Langford, Getting Used to Uselessness from Old Devils

8. Street Dogs, Yesterday from self-titled release

9. No Age, Fever Dreaming from Everything In Between

10. The Thermals, I Don't Believe from Personal Life

11. Deerhunter, Memory Boy from Halcyon Digest

12. Pete Yorn, Velcro Shoes from Pete Yorn

13. The Pixies, Velouria recorded 9/16/10 in Omaha, NE

14. Bob Mould, Celebrated Summer from Live at ATP 2008

15. The Nils, Scratches and Needles from Green Fields in Daylight compilation album

16. Telekinesis, Game of Pricks from Parallel Seismic Conspiracies EP

17. Boston Spaceships, Fly Away (Terry Sez) from Our Cubehouse Still Rocks

18. Two car Garage, Lydia from Sweet Saint Me

19. Velvet Underground, Satellite of Love (Demo) from expanded edition of Loaded

20. Raveonettes, I Wanna Be Adored

21. Charlatans, Love Is Ending from Who We Touch

22. Jenny & Johnny, Committed from I'm Having Fun Now

23. Arcade Fire, Month of May from The Suburbs

24. Bad Religion, Only Rain from The Dissent of Man

25. Alex Chilton/Alan Vega/Ben Vaughn, Fat city from 1996's Cubist Blues

26. Superchunk, Crossed Wires from Majesty Shredding


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