The Ledge #67: From the Burro's David Brewington

One of the great rewards of podcasting is the wonderful people you get to know. From the Burro's David Brewington is one of those folks. Hailing from a small city near Nashville, Brewington has released close to 150 shows over the past few years, dealing primarily in the same sorts of material you hear on The Ledge.

Connected via Skype, Brewington is this week's cohost, and provides all of the music you hear in this show. Divided between old favorites and virtually unknown local heroes, this show was a pure pleasure to record. Besides the great tunes, we also chatted about music scenes, podcast wars, and some old concert memories. I recommend that everybody check out his show at

As always, you can hear this week's episode by subscribing to iTunes, or directly downloading here.

Here's Brewington's music selections:

1. The Clash, White Riot

2. The Ramones, My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

3. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Hand In Hand

4. Elvis Costello, I'm Not Angry

5. The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait

6. Cake, Guitar

7. The Dead Weather, Blue Blood Blues

8. The Black Keys, 10 AM Automatic

9. Nirvana, Drain You

10. Foo Fighter, Gimme Stitches

11. Fountains of Wayne, Bright Future in Sales

12. Marvelous 3, #27

13. Nada Surf, The Way You Wear Your Head

14. Visqueen, Beautiful Amnesia

15. The Bad Habits, #1 Fighting Force

16. 60 Ft. Dolls, Stay

17. Lemuria, Lipstick

18. Grayling, Terra Bella

19. The Holly Days, 7th Street

20. The Hard Lessons, See You Again

21. Local H, BMW Man


scratchedsoul said…
Great show!! Definitely going to spend some money at eMusic after listening.

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