The Ledge, Episode 64: Jason Loeb

A few weeks ago I received an email from longtime Ledge listener Jason Loeb asking about the distance from Omaha to Sioux Falls. The Boston native was going to be in Nebraska for business, and wanted to see if it was conceivable to make the trip up north to participate in a Ledge taping.

Obviously, I said yes, and Loeb made the three hour trip through light snow...armed with two dozen great songs he wanted to share with Ledge listeners. Some were old classics; other were relatively new bands that he wanted to share with me. The results are a great show and a great chat about the current music scene in his hometown.

To hear the show, subscribe via iTunes or download it here. One further note - there probably won't be a Live Ledge this week as realpunkradio retools their site. The show will return soon, though, and the chat and tunes will be on this site.

Here's Jason's musical selections:

1. The Replacements--Hayday

2. The Hold Steady--Girls Like Status

3. The Mountain Goats--This Year

4. Dillinger Four--Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole

5. The Adolescents--Kids of the Black Hole

6. Social Distortion--Mommy's Little Monster

7. Frank Turner--Try This at Home

8. Superchunk--Slow Drip

9. Reverse--Helicopters

10. AM Stereo--Bob Stinson

11. Tugboat Annie--Posterboy

12. Cherry 2000--Rodeo Clown

13. Teenage Fanclub--It's All in My Mind

14. Idlewild--Roseability

15. The Teen Idles--Deadhead

16. Stephen Egerton (feat. Milo Aukerman)--She's Got Everything

17. Apex Manor--I Know These Waters Well

18. Neutral Milk Hotel--Two Headed Boy

19. Jawbreaker--Bad Scene, Everybody's Fault

20. Lucero--Nights Like These

21. The Weakerthans--Aside

22. Sloan--Losing California

23. The Clash--Clampdown


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