Live Ledge #82: Green Day

Next Tuesday, Green Day will be releasing their first album in three years. Uno! is the first shot of a trio of discs that will be coming out in the course of the next four months, and the pre-release hype claim that it is a return to the glory days of Kerplunk and Dookie.
Having obtained an advance copy, tonight's Live Ledge includes six songs (half the album), and these tracks include two of the best ("Nuclear Family" and "Let Yourself Go"), two of the worst ("Kill the DJ" and "Troublemaker"), along with two tracks ("Sweet 16" and "Fell For You") that definitely fit the claim that the band was going for a sound similar to Cheap Trick. I'm also joined by Big Brother Gossip Show cohost Ash Masters  for additional commentary. The consensus? You'll have to download this to find out.
Besides the Green Day tracks, tonight's show also includes new material by Natural Child, The Soft Pack, Corin Tucker, and a couple of tunes from a Repo Man tribute album.
Grab this fun show from the usual suspects or...


1. Natural Child, Laid Paid and Strange
2. The Soft Pack, Saratoga
3. The Soft Pack, Second Look
4. Polar Bear Club, TV Party
5. Mike Watt & The Secondmen, Let's Have A War
6. Corin Tucker Band, Neskowin
7. Green Day, Nuclear Family
8. Green Day, Let Yourself Go
9. Green Day, Kill The Dj
10. Green Day, Troublemaker
11. Green Day, Sweet 16
12. Green Day, Fell For You
13. The Bags, We Will Bury You
14. The Gits, Another Shot Of Whiskey
15. Babes in Toyland, Bruise Violet
16. The Muffs, From Your Girl
17. The Fastbacks, Fortune's Misery
18. Black Flag, Nervous Breakdown
19. Angry Samoans, You Stuipid Asshole
20. Adolescents, Kids of the Black Hole
21. The Adicts, Viva La Revolution
22. Al Bundie's Army, Today Your Love
23. Flanders 72, The Kkk Took My Baby Away
24. Boney Fiend, Rock And Roll High School
25. The Ramones, Baby, I Love You
26. Joey Ramone, New York City
27. The A-Bones, Spinning My Wheels
28. The Cramps, Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
29. Batmobile, Give me some pussy
30. Buzzcocks, Orgasm Addict
31. The Replacements, Kids Don't Follow
32. Archers Of Loaf, Wrong
33. Anti-Nowhere League, I Hate People


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