Rural Ledge-ucation #68: Labor Day

It's become a yearly tradition - the Labor Day weekend Ledge episode of working songs. As the lovely Goddess points out, though, it's role as the unofficial end of summer make is also the "evil twin of Memorial Day". Wrapped around two songs that mark the end of the lazy, hot season are songs by the likes of Todd Snider, Lou Reed, Peter Case, and many others. Yep, these aren't typical labor-related tunes (although there are a few of those here, too).
Pour yourself a stiff one and enjoy the tunes on this holiday after grabbing it via Stitcher or iTunes, or...


1. The Kinks, Summer's Gone
2. Woody Guthrie, Farmer-Labor Train
3. Johnny Cash, Working Man Blues
4. Todd Snider, Lookin' For A Job
5. Alex Chilton, Lost My Job
6. The Walkabouts, Maggie's Farm
7. The Baseball Project, Show Up To Work Every Day
8. Earlimart, We Drink On The Job
9. Graham Parker, Honest Work
10. Lou Reed, Don't You Talk To Me About Work
11. The Jim Carroll Band, Work Not Play
12. Peter Case, Workin' For the Enemy
13. John Wesley Harding, I Don't Work Here
14. The Lemonheads, Paid To Smile
15. The dB's, Working For Somebody Else
16. The Beat, Working Too Hard
17. The Members, Working Girl
18. Frank Black, The End Of The Summer


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