Rural Ledge-ucation #71: Paul & Ryan

On October 30, Matthew Ryan will release a new album, In the Dusk of Everything. Described on his website as a "folky mood record", Ryan eschewed digital technology for this album and recorded it on old school two-inch tape. In a conversation held earlier this week, Ryan not only agreed to do a future Ledge interview but provided me with a track from the album. "She's a Sparrow" certainly fits that moody folk description.
"She's a Sparrow" also fits into the overall theme of the show. With yesterday being the first day of the new season, today's show is primarily tracks about the fall. Wind, cooler temps, shorter days...that kind of thing. There's also a set dedicated to Leonard Cohen's 78th birthday, which was this past Friday.
Oh yes, there is one more treat on this show. This past Friday, various websites were provided with a brand new Paul Westerberg tune! "My Road Now" is a solo piano tune that hopefully is the precursor to a brand new album! Please make it so, Paul!
Today's episode is a really fun show for a wonderful autumn day, so download this now from iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or...


1. The Kinks Autumn Almanac
2. Matthew Ryan, She's A Sparrow
3. The Church, Autumn Soon
4. Wilco, Not For The Season
5. Son Volt, Windfall
6. Jerry Lee Lewis, Seasons Of My Heart
7. Bob Dylan, Four Strong Winds
8. Bob Mould & Vic Chesnutt, Hickory Wind
9. Nick Lowe, Soulful Wind
10. Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows
11. Johnny Cash, Bird On A Wire
12. Lloyd Cole, Chelsea Hotel #2
13. Paul Westerberg, My Road Now
14. The Replacements, Here Comes A Regular
15. Paul Westerberg, Love You In The Fall
16. The White Stripes, Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground


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