Tomorrow's Live Ledge #100

From my Argus Leader blog:
A little less than two years ago, my cohorts at realpunkradio convinced me that I should attempt to “go live”. I had created The Ledge podcast a little over a year earlier, but so far had just edited together songs and chatter into a hour or so long audio file.This was a different proposition, and I was scared to death. It didn’t help that a couple of previous attempts had been a bust. Doing an internet radio show is not as simple as one may think. One must have adequate bandwidth and RAM, for example, and the old laptop with Windows XP just couldn’t keep up.
After a few adjustments, and assistance from former RPR head honcho Jason Snyderman, Live Ledge was created. Like the rest of the shows on the realpunkradio network, Live Ledge is a return to the freeform radio of the past. Instead of highly-paid consultants, scripted “bits”, and automated playlists, our shows are a return to the days when radio personalities did what they did because of their musical knowledge and passion.
Not that Live Ledge isn’t silly at times. Or that mistakes aren’t made. Trust me, a drinking game based on mistakes would cause even Lindsay Lohan to pass out. Yet that is also the beauty of live internet radio.
I’m babbling about all of this because Friday night (February 22) marks the 100th episode of Live Ledge, and I’m taking the show on the road. A simple comment on Facebook a few weeks ago led to a meeting with the wonderful folks at Falls Landing (200 E. 8th St.), and they have graciously given me the ok to record this special episode in their bar from 6-8 pm.
Musically, I have planned for this episode to be a “greatest hits” of sorts. If you know me at all you can probably figure out a good portion of the playlist. Yes, classic bands like the Replacements, Clash, Social Distortion, and others of that sort will be aired, along with quite a few others that aren’t as well known.
It also could very well be a disaster. Will I find enough “server juice” to stream this show? Will my broadcaster program have some hiccups? There’s a good chance those who show up will see me bash my head against the wall if things don’t work out as well as planned. What better entertainment could there be?
At the very least, you can down a drink or two while listening to the songs that have made me what I am today. You may even end up on the mic with me. Be careful, though, as there’s no 30 second delay. Oh yeah, RPR is also uncensored internet radio. Say whatever you want!


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