Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

Bitterness has been a rock 'n' roll theme from the very beginning, but it truly became an art form in the 60's as honesty infused songwriting. In America, we had Bob Dylan, who moved from pointing fingers at politicians to anybody that failed to live up to his standards. In the UK, almost all of the top acts had at least a song or two aimed at people they left behind.
A decade later, the "angry young men" movement that developed from punk rock brought forth songwriters such as Elvis Costello and Graham Parker where seemingly every tune was a poison arrow. These types of songs continue to this day, and so it is a natural followup to Friday's "lonely boy" episode to spend some time on the "bitter" side of the tracks.
Grab this one from the usual suspects, or...


1. Harry Nilsson, You're Breaking My Heart
2. The Beatles, Run For Your Life
3. The Kinks, Who'll Be The Next In Line
4. Rolling Stones, Out Of Time
5. Big Star, Femme Fatale
6. The Jam, The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
7. Graham Parker & The Rumour, Local Girls (Live)
8. Elvis Costello & The Attractions, I Hope You're Happy Now
9. Joy Division, Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. Marianne Faithfull, Why'd Ya Do It
11. Amy Rigby, Are We Ever Going To Have Sex Again?
12. The Smiths, Unhappy Birthday
13. Wilco, Box Full Of Letters
14. Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind


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