Live Ledge #99: Lonely Boy

Valentine's Day sucks. There I said it...and I realize I've said it before. Previous years have seen shows dedicated to how much this day is worthless, and tonight's episode is no exception. Every song tonight deals with loneliness; primarily about life as a lonely boy (although there's also a few songs about lonely girls). This show is also dedicated to a wonderful dog named Killer.
Don't forget next week's episode #100 celebration at Falls Landing in Sioux Falls. Come down and watch your favorite internet DJ get drunk as he plays his favorite songs of all time!
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1. The Replacements, Valentine (Studio Demo)
2. Cheap Trick, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
3. Thin Lizzy, Romeo And The Lonely Girl
4. Old 97's, Lonely Holiday
5. Willie Nile, Heaven Help The Lonely
6. Police, So Lonely
7. The Whigs, So Lonely
8. The Wylde Mammoths, In My Lonely Room
9. Wanda Jackson, Lonely Weekends
10. Me First & The Gimme Gimmies, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
11. Hi Ho Six Shooter, If Only You Were Lonely
12. Ups & Downs, Solitary Man
13. Gentleman Jesse, I'm Only Lonely
14. Young Fresh Fellows, Miss Lonelyhearts
15. The Sorrows, Lonely Girl
16. The Quakes, Streets Are So Lonely
17. Husker Du, Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
18. Supersuckers, Alone & Stinking
19. Social Distortion, Alone And Forsaken
20. The Nomads, It's Lonely Down Here Too
21. The Spits, Tired and Lonely
22. The Lurkers, God's Lonely Men
23. The King Khan & BBQ Show, Lonely Boy
24. Violet, So Lonely
25. Naked Ted, Lonely Night
26. F-Units, Alone In Babylon
27. Lonesome Kings, Born to Be Lonely
28. Sex Pistols, Lonely Boy
29. Sham 69, What About the Lonely
30. The Buzzcocks, I Look Alone
31. Thee Headcoats, Alone
32. The Heartbreakers, All by Myself
33. The Voodoo Dolls, This Town Makes Me Feel So Lonely


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