Live Ledge #236: Burger Records

A few days ago, I downloaded the official Discogs app to my phone. Besides being able to find information on various pressings of every release, the app allows one to create their library by using your phone's camera to scan bar codes.
I did nothing but that for the next couple of days, and some surprises resulted from this inventory. First off, I found out that on four ocassions I purchased the same record twice. What a dope. But the more important stat I discovered by looking at the various ways one can look at their library. When grouped by label, I found out that over 10% of my vinyl purchases were from one record label - Burger Records.
Burger was formed around a decade ago by high school friends Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard. When they started their band, Thee Makeout Party, they creted a Burger Records logo to place on their 7" releases.
At first the label primarily released cassettes, and even licensed out a number of titles from labels that had no interest in putting out tape versions of their indie rock albums. Eventually, they expanded into full-length vinyl, which is where I come in.
While it's hard to describe a "typical" Burger release, for the most part they do share some similar sensibilities. Most of it is extremely melodic, and the vast majority are somewhat lightly produced. From there the sounds start to vary. Most of it has a garage-rock foundation, but many veer off into pscyh and even prog. Most importantly, most of it is great!
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1. Tommy Stinson, Breathing Room
2. Audacity, Teenage Town
3. Audacity, Subway Girl
4. No Parents, Die Hippie Die
5. AJ Davila and Terror Amor, iggy prueba
6. together PANGEA, Looked In Too
7. Mozes And The Firstborn, Bloodsucker
8. Michael Rault, All Alone (On My Own)
9. Jaill, Just a Lovely Day
10. The Aquadolls, Our Love Will Always Remain
11. Peach Kelli Pop, Nude Beach
12. Sarah Bethe Nelson, Fast Moving Clouds
13. Habibi, I Got The Moves
14. Death Valley Girls, Sanitarium Blues
15. Feeding People, Big Mother
16. The Muffs, Like You Don't See Me
17. King Tuff, Lazerbeam
18. The Resonars, The World Is Wrong
19. Nobunny, Monster Kiss (Golden Boots)
20. Pizza Time, PIZZA TIME
21. White Fang, Bong Rip
22. Dead Ghosts, Another Love
23. The Memories, It Was A Hot Afternoon
24. The ABIGAILS, Twenty Nine
25. The Lemons, My Candy Girl
26. Part Time, I Saw Her Standing There
27. Mikal Cronin, You Gotta Have Someone (Demo)
28. Wyatt Blair, Girls
29. Penetration Moon, Real Wild Child
30. The Coathangers, Sex Beat
31. Young Guv, Call Me When The Cat Dies (Live)
32. Tomorrows Tulips, Convertible PCH
33. Wax Witches, Habit
34. Traumahelikopter, You
35. Froth, Saccharine Sunchine
36. Tracy Bryant, Hey Spaceman!


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