Live Ledge #276: New Releases

What a great world we live in these days!
Wait, what did I just say??? Ok, in most respects the world is a mess. We have horrendous race relations these days. We have a questionable President surrounded by even worse advisors and cabinet members. Politics are causing divisions not just between parties but between friends, lovers, and family members.
Yet so far this is the best year in quite some time in one regard - rock and roll.
From the first week of the year with the release of a new Dropkick Murphys album, there have been so many great records hitting the stores in 2017. Tonight's new release episode gathers many of these releases, from Americana-related returns by John Wesley Harding, Son Volt, and Cory Branana to straight-ahead rock and roll from Danko Jones and The Routes.
Tonight's episode also showcases a rising tide of psych-rock. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Meatbodies, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel. Those are just some of the heavy sounds present tonight.
Grab this via the usual sources I babble about every week, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. John Wesley Harding, I Don't Wanna Rock n Roll
2. Cory Branan, I Only Know
3. Cory Branan, Visiting Hours
4. Old 97's, Jesus Loves You
5. Old 97's, Irish Whiskey Pretty Girls
6. Son Volt, Back Against the Wall
7. The Feelies, In Between
8. Conor Oberst, Next of Kin
9. Strand of Oaks, Radio Kids
10. Trunkweed, Wish List
11. Trunkweed, Windows 95
12. Tim Darcy, Joan Pt. 1 2
13. NE-HI, Palm of Hand
14. Moving Units, Shadow Play
15. Wire, Short Elevated Period
16. POW!, Castle of Faith
17. Midnite Snaxxx, Just What I Need
18. J.D. Buhl, Do Ya Blame Me
19. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Rattlesnake
20. Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Fuzz Phantom
21. Meatbodies, Kings
22. Mind Meld, The Blizzard
23. Bleached, Can You Deal?
24. Bleached, Turn To Rage
25. The Courtneys, Silver Velvet
26. The Courtneys, Minnesota
27. Danko Jones, You Are My Woman
28. The Routes, Make You Hate Me More
29. Moondogs, When Sixteen Wasn't So Sweet
30. Tom Baker and the Snakes, Gotta Find Her
31. Jim and the French Vanilla, When You're Down
32. Jim and the French Vanilla, Back Home
33. Mark Sultan, Broken Arms
34. Meat Wave, To Be Swayed
35. The Cavemen, Satan Is Her Name


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