Live Ledge #277: Thee Bands

A great musical analyst once emphatically stated that any band that replace "The" with "Thee" is a band worth checking out.

Is that the case? I've wondered about that for over five years, and it was during a recent iTunes cleanup that I discovered the multitude of "Thee" bands in my library. So why not do a show based around those types of bands?

In doing so, I have decided that the world needs yet one more rock and roll sub-genre. No matter where they originated "thee" bands tend to be loud, lo-fi, witty, and lovers of the British Invasion of the mid-'60's.

The true guru of "Thee" bands is certainly Billy Childish. After the demise of The Pop Rivets, the poet/filmmaker/songwriter/photographer started a run of "Thee" bands with the 1981 creation of Thee Milkshakes. Over the next two decades, he led or was a part of another half dozen or so of these types of acts, including The Mighty Caesars, Thee Headcoats, and Thee Stash.

Tonight also includes some news on future plans for Live Ledge and other Hudson ventures. Check out what I have to say and let me know your thoughts.

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1. Thee Midniters, Jump Jive And Harmonize
2. Thee Oh Sees, I Need Seed
3. Thee Oh Sees, Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster
4. Thee Oh Sees, Dead Man's Gun
5. Thee Milkshakes, Who'll Be Next in Line
6. Thee Milkshakes, She'll Be Mine Talking
7. Thee Milkshakes, I'll Use Evil
8. Thee Milkshakes, Let Me Love You
9. Thee Mighty Caesars, Beat On The Brat
10. Thee Mighty Caesars, Career Opportunities
11. Thee Mighty Caesars, Headcoats On
12. Thee Headcoats, Girl from '62
13. Thee Headcoats, We Hate The Fuckin' NME
14. Thee Headcoats Sect, Strychnine
15. Thee Headcoats Sect, A Certain Girl
16. Thee Headcoatees, Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
17. Thee Headcoatees, Teenage Kicks
18. Thee Stash, (We're) Selling Jeans for the U.S.A.
19. Thee Stash, Should I Stay or Should I Go?
20. Thee Stash, 48 Thrills
21. Thee Stash, What's My Name
22. Thee Shams, Under My Thumb
23. Thee Shams, If You Gotta Go
24. Thee Wylde Oscars, White Light White Heat
25. Thee Cybermen, Don't Ask My Name
26. Thee Cybermen, Borderbeat
27. Thee Exciters, Guts For Garters
28. Thee Makeout Party, Wreckless Epic
29. Thee Makeout Party, Pauline
30. Thee Sgt. Major III, (Do As I Say And) As I Do
31. Thee Spivs, Radio
32. Thee Tsunamis, Female Trouble
33. Thee Vicars, I Wanna Be Your Vicar
34. Thee Holy Ghosts, Ghetto Pop Song
35. Thee Mightees, Pop Culture Icon Eyes
36. Thee Pickles, White Ceiling Blues
37. Thee Attacks, Baby Baby


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