Live Ledge #287: Odds and Ends

While not exactly a Live Ledge type of artist, I was shaken by the shocking death of Soundgarden leader Chris Cornell. Why would a person who by all reports lived a happy life decide to take his own life?

Tonight's episode commences with a handful of rare Chris Cornell tracks from the expanded version reissue of the Singles soundtrack, which hit stores today. Apparently Cornell created an EP called "Poncier" based on the fake tracklist created for the Poncier character's solo record. It's an interesting recording, and includes an early version of the future hit "Spoon Man".

The rest of the show is an odds and ends type collection of songs. The last few nights I've spent pulling out a lot of vinyl that I haven't touched in quite some time. Records by the Gun Club, Cramps, Replacements (yes, I sometimes go weeks without listening to them), Sarah Shook, and Superchunk. There's also new tracks by The Toxenes and Los Straitjackets, and a new rarity by Wilco.

But a good chunk of the show is devoted to former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap. One of the real treats of the week was pulling out the double vinyl reissue of his two solo albums, and tonight's show includes not only three of those songs but quite a few cover tunes that was released on the Songs For Slim collection. Great songs performed by the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, and so many more.

Somewhat surprisingly, the lack of an overall theme didn't hurt the flow of tonight's show. I hope you feel the same. Grab this via iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Citizen Dick, Touch Me I'm Dick
2. Chris Cornell, Spoon Man
3. Chris Cornell, Flutter Girl
4. Chris Cornell, Missing
5. The Toxenes, Fortune Teller
6. The Toxenes, Bad Girls
7. Los Straitjackets, Half a Boy and Half a Man
8. Los Straitjackets, Heart of the City
9. Superchunk, The Majestic
10. Superchunk, Beat My Guest
11. The Greenhornes, Saying Goodbye
12. The Replacements, Mr. Whirly
13. The Gun Club, Carry Home
14. The Gun Club, Run Through The Jungle
15. The Cramps, Green Fuz
16. The Cramps, Voodoo Idol
17. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Fuck Up
18. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Sidelong
19. Vic Chesnutt, Bernadette
20. The Regrettes, Juicebox Baby
21. Slim Dunlap, Rockin' Here Tonight
22. Slim Dunlap, Partners In Crime
23. Slim Dunlap, Ain't Exactly Good
24. Jakob Dylan, Ain't No Fair(In A Rock N' Roll Love Affair)
25. Steve Earle, Times Like This
26. John Doe, Just For The Hell Of It
27. Lucero, From The Git Go
28. Lucinda Williams, Partners In Crime
29. Frank Black & The Suicide Commandos, The King & Queen
30. Deer Tick+Scott Lucas+Vanessa Carlton, From The Git Go
31. Wilco, (What's So Funny About) Peace, Love & Understanding


KM said…
Hi Scott
It's been awhile and I have much to catch up on but when I saw you were doing a "mini" tribute to Chris Cornell I had to start with this Live Ledge ep first. Like so many, I was devastated by his passing. I've been immersed in his music, in all his various bands and solo projects, since the 90's. I first found Chris Cornell through Temple of the Dog and then "backed into" Soundgarten and then onto Audiosoave and his many solo projects. I feel blessed that I've had the opportunities to see him live multiple times in all his different bands and solo performances. Last November I got to see the Temple of the Dog 25th reunion concerts in the Philadelphia area and am so grateful that I did. I was excited that a new Soundgarten album was being created but sadly that will never be now. It's always been so bizarre to me at how deeply I grieve when someone I didn't know personally has died. Chris Cornell's music has been part of the soundtrack of my life and now there is a giant hole there.

Thx for this awesome collection of music. Like usual, I have to listen a 2nd time because I always feel like I missed stuff the first time around. I'll be skipping past the Chris Cornell songs though. I have to give myself a break from his music for awhile. It's painful to listen to it right now.

Thx for your great work.

Kristin (Krootra on Twitter)
Scott said…
that's so sweet, Kristin. I'm so happy that you enjoy my little show.

The Cornell tragedy is so sad. Like I said, I've always appreciated him but he's not one I listened to much of over the years. But what a voice!!!

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