Live Ledge #288: 1967

If one is to believe the history books, the rock scene of 1967 can be narrowed down to a few cliches. Psychedelia. Monterey Pop Festival. San Francisco. Swinging London. LSD.

But there is so much more to that wonderful year in rock. Sure, all of the above is true to an extent Yet rarely do we read of the great underground garage rock scene of that year. Originally inspired by the Stones, Animals, Kinks, and the rest of the British Invasion, kids all across the country were picking up instruments and starting bands.

Many of these bands eventually headed into a studio to record a 45 or two, but outside of their hometown fanbase little was heard of them elsewhere. Decades later, these singles are collector's items, and many of them have been compiled on records such as the Back From the Grave and Last of the Garage Punk Unkowns collections.

Tonight's show highlights both these obscure tracks from 1967, along with the household names that put out some of the most memorable records of all time. The Stones, Kinks, Who, Animals, Velvet Underground, and Small Faces are just some of these legends, along with slightly lesser knowns such as the 13th Floor Elevators, Moby Grape, and the Sonics.

This was quite a fun celebration of true "classic rock", and coincidentally concludes after the 50th track. 50 songs from 50 years ago!!!

Grab this from iTunes or Stitcher, or just hit play on the little player under this text. And, if you can, please click HERE to take a short survey on what you like about the show.

1. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Take 9 And Speech)
2. The Rolling Stones, Miss Amanda Jones
3. The Rolling Stones, 2000 Light Years From Home
4. The Kinks, David Watts
5. The Kinks, Waterloo Sunset
6. The Who, Armenia City In the Sky
7. The Creation, Painter Man
8. The Animals, When I Was Young
9. The Small Faces, Get Yourself Together
10. The Cliques, So Hard
11. The Canadian Rogues, Keep In Touch
12. Tamrons, Wild-Man
13. Aztex, I Said Move
14. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Zig Zag Wanderer
15. Harry Nilsson, You Can't Do That
16. The Sonics, Psycho
17. The Seeds, A Thousand Shadows
18. The Electric Prunes, Get Me To The World On Time
19. The Litter, Action Woman
20. The Equals, Police On My Back
21. The Monkees, Steppin' Stone
22. The Monkees, You Just May Be The One
23. The Byrds, So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
24. The Byrds, Why
25. Love, Alone Again Or
26. Moby Grape, Omaha
27. The Master's Apprentices, Buried And Dead
28. Chocolate Watch Band, Let's Talk About Girls
29. The Velvet Illusions, Town Of Fools
30. Eddie Day and the Night Timers, How to Be a Musician
31. Skip Ellis, Ice Cube Girl
32. The Zounds, Me and My Girl
33. The Young Strangers, She's Gone
34. The In-Set, They Say
35. The Move, Vote For Me
36. The Fresh Windows, Fashion Conscious
37. John's Children, Desdemona
38. The Mickey Finn, Time To Start Loving You
39. Fingers, I Hear The Sun
40. The Velvet Underground, I'm Waiting For The Man
41. The Velvet Underground, Run Run Run
42. The Music Machine, Double Yellow Line
43. 13th Floor Elevators, She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
44. The Shakles, Whizz #7
45. The Orphans, Hey Gyp
46. The Starfyres, No Room for Your Love
47. Invasion, Do You Like What You See?
48. Nobodys Children, Mother's Tin Moustache
49. It's Us, Don't Want Your Lovin'
50. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Speech And Take 8)


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