Live Ledge #411: 90 Seconds Of Pleasure

When I saw that Greg Lonesome was planning an episode of his excellent Rock and Roll Manifesto that was going to feature nothing but songs shorter than 90 seconds a little bell rung in my ear. That's a theme right up my alley so I immediately got to work filling a folder of nothing but short songs.

That inspired is presented here. 75 songs all 90 seconds or less. As you may expect the vast majority of the tracks are high energy punk, garage, and indie rock. Some bands made a living with nothing but tracks such as these. Others just had an ocassional burst of this sort of energy.

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1. Paul Westerberg, Jingle
2. The Replacements, Run It
3. The Replacements, Customer
4. The Replacements, Fuck School
5. The Replacements, God Damn Job
6. The Suburbs, Cig Machine
7. The Suburbs, Memory
8. The Suburbs, Chemistry Set
9. PHONES, Chainsaw
10. The Hypstrz, (This Has Got To Be a) Joke
11. The Suicide Commandos, Attacking the Beat
12. The Suicide Commandos, Semi-Smart
13. The Beatles, Polyphene Pam
14. The Kinks, Revenge
15. Geoff Palmer, The Captain
16. Tommy Keene, Astronomy
17. MICK TROUBLE, Pity for a Pale Boy
18. The Whiffs, HEY LITTLE ANNE
19. The Len Price 3, Comanche!
20. No Direction, Tear Gas Justice
21. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Frequency
22. Eddie and the Hot Rods, Shake
23. The Jam, All Mod Cons
24. Elvis Costello, Welcome to The Working Week
25. Wreckless Eric, Rags And Tatters
26. X, I'm Coming Over
27. Archie and the Bunkers, Bill's Bad Day
28. Cherry Pickles, Rapido
29. Bee Bee Sea, Y Stripes
30. Lithics, Flat Rock
31. Jacuzzi Boys, New Cross
32. Hash Redactor, SMX20
33. King Khan & the Gris Gris, Your Teeth are Shite
34. Ty Segall, You're the Doctor
35. The Gotobeds, Cover Band
36. The Cowboys, Stillborn Genius
37. Guided By Voices, A Salty Salute
38. Guided By Voices, Choking Tara
39. Guided by Voices, My Angel
40. Cash Rivers and The Sinners, I Wouldn't
41. Pixies, Crackity Jones
42. Pixies, Broken Face
43. Pixies, Allison
44. Wire, Glad All Over
45. Wire, Three Girl Rhumba
46. Ramones, Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
47. Motörhead, Ramones
48. The Robinsons, Judy Is a Punk
49. The Riverdales, She's Gonna Break Your Heart
50. The Queers, I Don't Care
51. The Nimrods, I Wanna Be A Groovie Ghoulie
52. Screeching Weasel, I Dont Wanna Walk Around With You
53. Screeching Weasel, Shirley's On Methadone
54. Descendents, Everything Sucks
55. Descendents, I Don't Want To Grow Up
56.  The Coolies, Yeah I Don't  Know
57. The Muffs, Nothing
58. Amyl And The Sniffers, Pleasure Forever
59. Bikini Kill, Carnival
60. Pale Lips, Sweet Dreams
61. The Aquadolls, Wacky Surf Trip
62. The Slits, Shoplifting
63. Minutemen, Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
64. Minutemen, Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
65. Superchunk, Cloud Of Hate
66. Supersuckers, I Want The Drugs
67. Bad Brains, Pay To Cum
68. MC5, Tutti-Frutti
69. Gino and the Goons, Wrong Side of a Cigarrette
70. OFF!, I See Through You
71. Dwarves, I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend (7")
72. Dwarves, Nothing (7")
73. The Dirtbombs, Never Licking You Again
74. The Dogmatics, Public Service
75. The Lemonheads, Amazing Grace


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