The Ledge #412: From The Archives

It used to be that part of the monthly new release episode included new "archive" albums, but there's been so much great music put out in recent years that I've had to ignore these kinds of records.

But obviously that doesn't mean I'm not obtaining these sorts of records. So tonight's show features tracks from reissues and brand new compilations, box sets, and live albums. The tunes range from mid-60's rockers from Denmark to early 80's Australian punk rock, with pit stops including some leftover Record Store Day purchases and just some good old free bandcamp compilations.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. Marshall Crenshaw, Twenty-Five Forty-One
2. Alex Chilton, My Rival
3. Alex Chilton, She Might Look My Way (Take 2)
4. The White Stripes, Jolene
5. The White Stripes, Wasting My Time (Alternate Take)
6. Robert Johnson, I'll Be Waiting
7. Robert Johnson, Burning Love (Memphis Demos)
8. Television Personalities, Where's Bill Grundy Now
9. Television Personalities, I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
10. The Hold Steady, Sequestered in Memphis
11. The Hold Steady, Southern Girls
12. Cheap Trick, California Man
13. The Smithereens, Behind the Wall of Sleep (Show Place Demo)
14. The Pristeens, How Does It Feel To Feel
15. The Victims, Television Addict
16. The Victims, Girls Don't Go for Punks
17. The Scientists, Have You Seen My Baby
18. The Scientists, Slow Death
19. The Scientists, Pills
20. Q'65, Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
21. St. John & The Crew, I Am A Man
22. Riats, Run Run Run
23. Inn-Sect, Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need
24. Comets, My Generation
25. Driftin' Five, Hard Headed Baby
26. The Forty Nineteens, Two Pillows
27. Trip Wire, Bottle Rocket
28. Blake Jones and The Trike Shop, My Soft Rock Girlfriend
29. The Beatersband, Then He Kissed Me
30. Love Dolls, Be My Baby
31. The Rockers, Blonde Debbie
32. Dennis The Menace, Working Girls
33. The Verbs, Little In Doubt
34. The Dents, Queen City Radio


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