The Ledge #409: New Releases

The first show of the new year is also the first Friday of the month, which obviously means it's a new release episode. This month's edition features previews of upcoming 2020 records along with quite a few releases that snuck out in the last few weeks of 2019. There's also a handful of items I missed out on when they originally came out earlier in the year. It's never too late to be added.

This month's edition is highlighted by the returns of some classic bands that haven't issued new music in quite some time. The Hoodoo Gurus have their first single in a few years, The Zeros just released their first new tunes in over two decades, and the four original members of X have not put out new tracks since the mid-80's!

Beyond that, it's a typical mix of brand new bands and returning vets. There's a fabulous Rum Bar Records set. There's power pop, punk, garage, and even an extended covers set.

One track doesn't fit the "new release" criteria, obviously, but I just couldn't resist playing a track by the power pop band 20/20. If they have any smarts this is the year for this band to either reunite or do a massive reissue campaign.

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1. 20/20, Yellow Pills
2. The Whiffs, On The Boulevard
3. The Beatpunkers, She´s The One
4. The Blind Owls, There Goes My Girl
5. The Persian Leaps, About Your Record
6. Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Outside World
7. Wives, The 20 Teens
8. Wives, Whatevr
9. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Shoulders
10. Apex Manor, Where My Mind Goes
11. Hoodoo Gurus, Answered Prayers
12. X, Delta 88 Nightmare
13. X, Cyrano De Berger's Back
14. The Zeros, In The Spotlight
15. The Zeros, Nowhere To Run
16. Ramoms, The Pta Took My Mommy Away
17. The Pristeens, Teenage Dicks
18. The Members, Chinese Rocks
19. The Gimmes, Don't You Forget About Me
20. The King Khan & BBQ Show, Spits Medley
21. Nat Freedberg, If You're Going To Heaven
22. Genya Ravan, Fool For A Pretty Face
23. Spanking Charlene, Find Me Out
24. The Real Impossibles, Guess You Feel It Too
25. Jagger Holly, Nobody Wants You
26. The Windowsill, Don't Worry Baby
27. The Cheap Cassettes, See Her In Action
28. Gino And The Goons, Wrote You A Letter
29. Bullet Proof Lovers, Razor Sharp
30. Kid Kapichi, Glitterati
31. Dark Thoughts, Scan The Radio
32. Personality Cult, Circles
33. Nadu, Best Shirt Night
34. The Stiffies, My Baby Ain't Fun


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