The Ledge #90: Jed's Dead

With a name like Jed's Dead, isn't it perfect that there would be a Ledge episode devoted to the band? Jed's Dead is an Las Angeles-based Americana band who describe themselves as "folk noir". Don't know what that is? Then listen to this show!
Singer/guitarist Edward Romero is the leader of Jed's Dead, and he recently sat down with host Scott Hudson to talk about not only the band, but other bands he loves. We also chat extensively about his time spent as a singer/songwriter troubadour in Europe, and his day job as a director/actor/soundman/etc. in Hollywood. For more info, check out the band's site at
To listen to the show, you can nab it via iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or


Romero was also in charge of this episode's playlist:

1. Jed's Dead, A Girl From Texas
2. Gear Daddies, No One's Home
3. Billy Bragg, The Price I Pay
4. Uncle Tupelo, New Madrid
5. Bucksworth, Lil' Girl
6. Dafni, Down and Dirty
7. Mojave 3, Who Do You Love?
8. Whiskeytown, Avenues
9. 16 Horsepower, Hutterite Mile
10. Amilia K. Spicer, I Know a Man
11. Dan Janisch, The Strongets Man
12. Jed's Dead, Party Wrecker


Mel said…
Really great set! Thanks :-)
Mel said…
Really great set! Thanks!

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