Rural Ledge-ucation #55: Oh Susanna

Every few weeks, I break format a little and use the Rural Ledge-ucation show to highlight nothing but new and upcoming releases. Today is one of those shows, with not only new music by Jack White, Todd Snider, Best Coast, and Spiritualized, but reissues of classic tracks by The Small Faces, World Party, and My Bloody Valentine. Add in some new versions of favorites by X's Exene and John, Ryan Adams, and Elvis Costello, and you have an episode that I consider worthy of checking out.
What will probably capture the most attention, though, is a preview of the first Neil Young and Crazy Horse album in almost a decade. Entitled Americana, the disc features reworkings of primarily public domain tunes we sang back in our school days. While this may seem a bit strange or lazy to some people, the leaked version of "Oh, Susanna" has me excited for the album, as Crazy Horse is as garage-y as ever. Young's version also ties the lyrics in with the melody of Shocking Blue's late 60's hit, "Venus". Other tracks on the release, which comes out on June 5, include Young's versions of "Clementine", "Gallows Pole", "This Land Is Your Land", and "God Save the Queen" (the British national anthem, not the Sex Pistols' classic). 
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1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Oh Susannah  
2. The Small Faces, Get Yourself Together  
3. Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) 
4. World Party, Happiness Is A Warm Gun 
5. Jack White, Hypocritical Kiss  
6. Billy Bragg & Wilco, When The Roses Bloom Again 
7. Todd Snider, Pissin' In The Wind  
8. Ryan Adams, Houses On the Hill (iTunes Session)  
9. John Doe & Exene Cervenka, See How We Are 
10. My Bloody Valentine, Thorn 
11. M. Ward, Primitive Girl 
12. Best Coast, The Only Place  
13. The District Attorneys, Slowburner 
14. Diamond Rugs, Call Girl Blues  
15. Spiritualized, Hey Jane 


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