Rural Ledge-ucation #57: 3 Anniversaries & a Mick

I have to be honest. I had few expectations about last night's Saturday Night Live, even with Mick Jagger hosting and performing. Anybody who has read my twitter feed for the last couple of years knows that I'm constantly annoyed by the poor writing and performances by the cast, host, and musical performers.
Plus, there was something about the pairing of Jagger with Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters that just didn't feel right. They're both fine bands, but the Foos are bombastic while Arcade Fire are a bit too subtle for Jagger's hyper onstage schtick. (Plus, we all know about Jagger's acting ability...or lack of!)
Yet it worked! Sure, we had to endure some of Kristen Wiig's more annoying characters as she did her victory lap (she's reportedly leaving the show), and like most hosts Jagger had to rely a bit too much on the cue cards. But he was completely charming! His monologue was easily the best of the year, and he completely outshined Wiig on the "Word Guess" (or whatever it's called) skit. The segment where Mick was an insurance agent watching Jagger impersonations at a karaoke bar was genius!
Most importantly, the music performances were top-notch. Jagger did connect with not only the Foos and AF but also his old pal Jeff Beck (on a new blues tune called "Tea Party"). Sure, there were mistakes but everybody on that stage was having the time of their lives...and that IS what rock 'n' roll is all about.
Today's show includes those three musical segments, and also celebrates the anniversaries of three of the greatest albums of all time - Exile On Main Street, Blonde On Blonde, and Pet Sounds. Besides rarities from all three albums, the sets are extended by covers by the likes of Soul Asylum, Robyn Hitchcock, and Frank Black.
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1. Mick Jagger & Arcade Fire, The Last Time
2. The Rolling Stones, Loving Cup
3. Soul Asylum, Sweet Virginia
4. Old 97'S, Rocks Off
5. The Gaslight Anthem, Tumbling Dice
6. Bob Dylan, Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [Alternate Take]
7. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
8. Robyn Hitchcock, Visions of Johanna
9. Jay Farrar, 16 Absolutely Sweet Marie
10. Mick Jagger & Jeff Beck, Tea Party
11. The Beach Boys, Sloop John B (alternate mix)
12. Oldham Brothers, Wouldn't It Be Nice
13. The Flaming Lips, God Only Knows
14. Frank Black Hang, On To Your Ego
15. Mick Jagger & Foo Fighters, 19th Nervous Breakdown/It's Only Rock 'n' Roll


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