Live Ledge #65: Whine-Free

Trust me, I'm well aware of my reputation as a curmudgeon. A negative creep, so to speak. Well over a decade of this blog is devoted to my vitrol, let alone my day to day bitchfests on twitter and Facebook. Yes, there's a reason I'm rarely invited anywhere (besides the fact that I tend to not show up anyway).
So after receiving the wrath of a friend earlier today for my constant complaints, I took it upon myself to try to put together a whine-free show. Well, the music probably still has its share of whining. I'm talking about my presentation. The goal was to be upbeat...and to not take anybody to task for what I perceive to be indiscretions against me, my life, the music biz...and music itself. So there's no Brian Fallon audio clips tonight. Just sunny ol' Scotty and his loud rock 'n' roll.
To be fair, I do have something to be happy about tonight. I have a sponsor! Yes, Rocky Top Vapor is now sponsoring all of my shows! If you're interested in getting into electronic cigarettes, or need some e-liquid or other supplies, just head over there and by entering ledge10 in the promo box you'll get 10% off AND free shipping! Do it now (and watch this site for future e-cig news)!
The drill is the same as always. Grab this show from iTunes, stream it via Stitcher or...


1. My Bloody Valentine, How Do You Do It
2. The Cribs, Come On Be a No-One
3. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Throw It To The Universe
4. Mind Spiders, On The Radio
5. Japandroids, Fire's Highway
6. Joey Ramone, New York City
7. Joey Ramone, 21st Century Girl
8. Sonic Avenues, Givin' Up On You
9. Ty Segall & White Fence, Easy Ryder
10. The Young Fresh Fellows, Picture Book
11. Elvis Costelllo, Whole Wide World
12. Perfect, Crocodile Rock
13. The Vapids, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
14. Kead Dennedys, Too Drunk to Fuck
15. The Primitives, Till You Say You’ll Be Mine
16. The Hussy, Bang Bang
17. Alice Bag Band, Gluttony
18. The Bags, We Will Bury You
19. The Avengers, Teenage Rebel
20. Free Kitten, Oh Bondage Up Yours!
21. The Blisters, Teenage Flower
22. The Master Plan, 14th Street
23. Muck and the Mires, Treat Her Right
24. The Nads, Blame It On The Priests
25. The Undertakers, Where The Wild Things Are
26. The Weirdos, Jungle Rock
27. Pixies, Nimrod's Son
28. Teenager, Funeral March
29. Pete And The Pirates, Blood Gets Thin
30. The Way-Outs, Stop Dragging Me Down
31. The Cheats, Run For Your Life
32. The Angry Dead Pirates, Being
33. The Movements, Put Me Down
34. Dodson's Dogs, You Better Run
35. The Mansfields, Shake Some Action


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