Rural Ledge-ucation #56: Happy Mother's Day

For the second straight year, I celebrate every mother all over the world with nothing but "Mom" songs. No, I don't mean lite rock or bubblegum pop. I'm talking about songs about these great ladies, performed by rockers, country dudes, and singer-songwriters. There's also a short set commemorating the birthday of my sister, Dawn (who is also a mommy, btw).
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1. Jeff Buckley, Mama You Been On My Mind
2. Robyn Hitchcock, Tell Me Mama
3. The Band, Rag Mama Rag
4. Neil Young, Motorcycle Mama
5. The Bottle Rockets, Trailer Mama
6. Hi Fi Guys, Rock & Roll Killed My Mother
7. Troy Hess, Please Don't Go Topless Mother
8. Rex Griffen, Sweet Mama Hurry Home
9. Billy Joe Shaver, Sweet Mama
10. Ray Wylie Hubbard, Mother Blues
11. Warren Zevon, Mama Couldn't Be Persuaded
12. Paul Westerberg, MamaDaddyDid
13. The Rolling Stones, Crazy Mama
14. The Lemonheads, Dawn Can't Decide
15. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Little Dawn
16. The Beatles, Let It Be


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