Oprah Is Evil

This past weekend, I got in trouble more than once by making the above proclamation. I stand by my statement. I hate everything about her - the self-importance, the fake accents depending on the ethnicity of her guests, her studio audience's near orgasms over the most minor gifts or guests. Plus she forced that phony Dr. Phil on us. And we must add in the allegations of behind-the-scenes manipulation when other shows would rise in the ratings.

Today I found an ally in my hatred of this woman - Raymi the Minx. Here's her brilliant post:

i hate the stigma attached to stay-at-home-moms like they are unable to do anything other than making beds and lasagna. like on oprah today it's about this chick who wrote some songs and faith hill decided to use them on her album and oprah is all THIS STAY AT HOME MOM DID IT like stay at home moms are mentally retarded and she can't get over that this woman is able to write songs and then she is all ok RIGHT NOW you are on NATIONAL TELEVISION can you BELIEVE that this would EVER HAPPEN to YOU!?

oprah said STAY AT HOME MOM at least 20 times.

how about, WOMAN WHO HAS NO IDENTITY oprah?


oprah is such a fascist.

way to go there, keep on making women feel incapable and such tasks as writing songs seem impossible oprah and then have a whole hour segment about about how your dog isn't sociable.


Publisher said…
Scott, I've been thinking the same thing about Doprah for years now! Thank you for saying that! You have a great website, too. Any chance of piping some music from The Ditty Bops in there?
May God bless you in all you do!
Synthaetica said…
I believe Oprah is the third incarnation of the AntiChrist. I'll let your imaginations run wild with who the first two were. It's still pretty much a toss-up between her and Condi Rice for who the whitest black woman is, though.

Oprah is the epitomy of:

"Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel."
Oscar Levant (1906 - 1972)

Rock on, Scott.
Anonymous said…
You got in trouble, but did you get spanked?
Scott said…
Unfortuntely, no spanking...at least that I can remember. Mr. Hinkle, wanna send me some Ditty Bops?
Anonymous said…
Oprah yearns to eat your children. Prolonged exposure to the sound of her voice has been shown to cause cancerous tumors in rabbits and ponies.
Bobbo said…
I feel the same way about the Oprahtard - she irritates the living shit out of me. Her self-righteous bullshit about how she came from nothing (and now treats people like nothing), blah, blah, fucking blah. I think we've had enough of your crraaap, Oprah... TV, radio, magazine, branded feminine plumbing products - dear god haven't we been punished ENOUGH already?!

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