Sioux Falls Canaries - Get Out of Town!!!

As many people know, I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with our local semi-pro – I mean minor league – sports teams. On one hand, I’ve always enjoyed myself at games featuring our baseball, football, basketball, and hockey teams. There’s not a lot to do in this town, so they certainly are a positive presence.
But I’ve always been troubled by the majority of these team’s self-importance. They quite often forget that for the most part they are a part of extremely small leagues at the bottom of their sport’s totem polls. Sure, the CBA was once the second best basketball league in the world, but with the rise of the NBA’s rookie league, along with other professional leagues in not only America but Europe, the CBA has dropped down quite a few notches.
It doesn’t help that our local media buys into the hype. They treat these teams with more reverence than they do the real major leagues. The worst was the radio shows featured across the hall from this studio – I used to get so pissed when Tony Kornheiser was interrupted for an hour of the most overused sports clichés.
My biggest conflict, and the winner of the worst radio show, is with the Canaries. Sure, there’s nothing better than to sit outside with a few beers on warm summer nights, but at least half the time I don’t even pay attention to the game. Between the beer, food, babes, and babbling who cares about the game?
The problem is that the team has always believed they were the New York Yankees, but played like the Milwaukee Brewers. Year after year we hear the same stories – this is the year we make some noise, but year after year they finish at or near the basement.
This sort of babbling was at it’s peak around five or six years ago when they played the card used by almost every major league team – they would move without improvements to their ballpark. They fed us a line that they were losing player after player because our stadium was below the levels of the rest of the league.
As usual, we bent over and did exactly what they wanted. Thankfully, Mayor Munson wasn’t in charge or we’d probably have the minor league’s only retractable roof. We made the improvements…and the team got worse. In fact, they’ve been as bad in the years after the stadium work as they were in the years before. Meanwhile, the very teams that supposedly were stealing our players were pointing to our stadium as a reason THEY needed a new stadium.
Now the team has an ingenious method to improve their record – they’re pulling out of the Northern League. Great move, guys. Of course, it’s not about the quality of play. They just weren’t having fun anymore. If that’s the case, why not fire the Director of Fun?
I’ve got a few questions for the brain surgeons who came up with this idea. Are ticket prices going down? Are they going to have a schedule that doesn’t book the same three or four teams seemingly every weekend? Are they paying back their share of the stadium improvements? If the answers to any of these questions is no, then it’s time for them to pack their bags and let the local amateur teams use the facility. And a quick note to the local media – why don’t you ask these clowns some tough questions from time to time? It’s embarrassing to see you guys suck up to this plan.


Anonymous said…
I like the Canaries. Who gives a fuck if they're not 1AAA+++ Super Duper Top of the Fucking World League. You, I guess. Nothing less than 24k gold for you, eh?

The fact is, they're good entertainment. That's what it's about. Not impressing people who masturbate over their fucking ipod playlists.
Anonymous said…
watching the canaries play is like watching a major league game played in slow motion. it's good for something to do, but hudson's point is, according to kelo, the argus, and etc, they ARE on the same level as major league baseball. don't forget, these guys are here because they CAN'T make it in the REAL minor leagues. and for crying out loud, get dan christopherson off the mic.
Anonymous said…
What a self important fuck stick you are Hudson. You bitch and moan about lack of entertainment in this town and then in your whipped up ego state decide who must go and who must stay. If you don't like 'em, don't go - and then shut the fuck up.
Anonymous said…
first i would like to say i like to read your blogs and enjoy when you make it to the KRRO show. next i also have to agree 100% with you on this one. keep it up.


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