Thursday Night Riverwalk Jams

Musicians: Looking for a place to express your talents, play with other musicians, make new friends and, in the words of the immortal Howlin' Wolf, "pitch a Wang Dang Doodle?"

The Riverwalk Café, in conjunction with Urban Blues Development, are hosting an open jam starting Thursday, Oct. 20 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The jam is scheduled to run every Thursday in the same time slot.

So dust off your guitar, sax, drumsticks or whatever instrument you play. The jam is centered around blues and jazz, but rock 'n' roll, country or other musical styles are welcome.

"All good music is welcome," said Urban Blues Development guitarist Jess Christen. "Come on down and play some tunes."

The jam provides a chance for musicians to network, show off their chops, pick up gigs and - most importantly - have a good time.

Audience members will be treated to an unpredictable and exciting listening experience. James Luther, Riverwalk proprietor, said the open jam is way to show his "establishment's commitment to local artists."

"The Riverwalk promotes local music," he said. "Our main goal is to provide a space for local musicians to play."

So if you're tired of playing at home or singing karaoke, come out and play with some real musicians. And unlike other so-called jams, attending musicians will get a chance to play, not just sit and watch.

There will be a P.A., drum kit and drum and bass amp available at the club. Fussy musicians might want to bring a favorite amp; the Riverwalk isn't a huge venue, so amplifier stacks probably won't be needed.

So don't spend Thursday on the couch watching T.V. or in some boring bar, come on over to the Riverwalk and play some tunes, or just enjoy the good sounds.

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