The Ledge, Episode 48: Dischord Records

After I did my SST Records show a few months, my buddy Angry Hugo (Michael Gibbons) suggested that I devote a show to the legendary Dischord Records label. Since my knowledge of the label is lacking outside of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and a couple of others, I invited Hugo to cohost. Besides lending his Philly accent to the show, Hugo oh so kindly also selected the tunes. You can find this episode in iTunes, or tune in to realpunkradio this Friday at 5 pm central. The direct download can also be found here.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Minor Threat, Salad Days

2. Rites of Spring, All Through a Life

3. Grey Matter, 4 am

4. Government Issue, Rock and Roll Bullshit

5. Branch Manager, Talk To Me Sometime

6. Fidelity Jones, Destructor

7. Shudder to Think, Jade Dust Eyes

8. Soulside - Baby

9. Jawbox, Impossible Figure

10. The Evens, All These Governors

11. Scream, I Look When You Walk

12. Slant 6, What Kind of Monster Are You?

13. Lungfish, The Cipher

14. Make-Up, Drop the Needle

15. Edie Sedgwick, Mary-Kate Olson

16. Q and Not U, Hooray For Humans

17. Bluetip, Yellow Light

18. Dag Nasty, Safe

19. Ignition, Anger Means

20. El Guapop, Ocean and Sky

21. Antelop, Reflector

22. Fugazi, Nice New Outfit


Anonymous said…
I like that new radio station in Brandon with all '80's songs.
Isn't it interesting that the college radio stations that played that music in the '80's actually had an audience. And now that it's 'classic' they can still sell advertising for the same songs.


"I think music today is kind-a cheesy." (one minute applause)
- Robert Plant
Tonight Show
Matt Hicks said…
I stumbled onto Faraquet and Q and not U a couple years ago... amazing stuff.

Cool podcast!
Anonymous said…
Any chance you can play the other new Paul Westerberg track ("This Machine") on the next show? Thanks!
vootie said…
Scott, Hugo, you both have my respect and even my affection. So forgive me when I say: "Safe"? Urgh. Not a favorite. Beyond that, an extraordinary selection of Dischord tunes. Thank you both for your hard work.

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