The Ledge, Episode 49: Casey McDonald's Reggae and Hardcore Party

Shortly after I signed on to XM radio a few years ago, I was introduced to a video networking service called Paltalk. Every day, dozens of us would gather to listen to the programming on channel 202, and would linger there long after the conclusion of the day's shows. One of those fine folks was Casey McDonald, who I grew close to partly because of her love for music that was unlike the vast majority of the 202 crowd.

Casey eventually met and married Ron and Fez producer David McDonald, and the pair invited me into their home three summers ago when I made my first (and so far only) trip to New York City. When I first started The Ledge, Casey was a person that I felt needed to be on the show, and this week she brings some of her favorite reggae and hardcore tunes. Besides the music, we talk about her days as a record store manager, her on-air wedding to Dave, and, most importantly, the medical issues surrounding her beautiful son, Stan.

To hear the show, head to, download it here, or tune in to this Friday at 5 pm central time.

Here's Casey's music selections:

1. Toots & the Maytals, Funky Kingston

2. Desmond Dekker, Honour Your Mother and Father

3. Cedric Brooks, Free Up Black Man

4. Bob Marley, The Heathen

5. Rita Marley, A Jah Jah

6. Phyllis Dillon, In the Ghetto

7. Susan Cadogan, Hurt So good

8. King Tubby, Stop Look Dub

9. Steel Pulse, Babylon Makes the Rules

10. Buju Banton, Champion

11. Fear, Let's Have a War

12. Crass, Contamational Power

13. The Epileptics, 1970's (Were Made in Hong Kong)

14. Subhumans, No

15. Choking Victim, Infested

16. Zounds, Demystification

17. Poison Girl, Real Woman

18. The Mob, Gates of Hell

19. Nausea, Self Destruct

20. Reagan Youth, Jesus Was a Communist


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