Rant a Bit, Episode 5

When the "other" Scott (Ehrisman) showed up to record the fifth episode of Rant a Bit, it was a bit unclear whether we'd have any guests. Highly secretive negotiations had occurred over the past two days, but we were pleasantly surprised when former gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion showed up at my door. A few minutes later, KRRO program director Cade also appeared, and we spent the next two hours jabbering gibberish about the recent elections, Mayor Huether, the events center, and many other topics.

You can stream the show hear on this site, download it from iTunes, or download it here.


Anonymous said…
To heck with Billion, who are the nicely tan girls? Keep posting pics like that, and I might say something nice.

Jenna Haggar won because there were 3 candidates for 2 seats. 1 R, 1D and 1 I. All the Rs voted R and I and all the Ds voted D and I. Not that hard to figure out. Love the show, only thing I can find that talks about local issues in that much depth even though you both are liberal girls.

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